Tuesday, December 29, 2015

at the baptism..."I just got my calves wet"

Manila Philippines Temple

So so so so so sorry for not e-mailing yesterday!!! In Tagalog I would say "Pasensya po!" Today is our zone temple day so P-day was swapped over to today as well. I didn't know about it until a couple days ago so there was no way to inform you. But you can rest assured that I wasn't killed, or worse; expelled... from the mission. :)

I loved talking to you on Christmas too! It was fun to see all your blurry faces on the small I-phone screen I was using and hearing your scratchy cut-out voices and trying to understand what you are saying. I did pretty good I think. That's 'cause that's all I do here almost is try to understand what people are talking to me about. I've had a lot of practice these past few months! It's good to know it's all paying off! :) I'm so glad everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I wish I could have been there, but I was sobrang busy giving my own gifts of Eternal Life to the people over here. I guess you have to make sacrifices in life sometimes. It's fine though, because we both had white Christmases! Mine was just a lot warmer than yours!

After I was done talking to you we went out and shared the gospel with a bunch of people. We had 60 OYMs in a single day. How crazy is that? Super crazy in case you don't know quite how to gauge that kind of scale. One of those was a little boy, probably about 12, who spoke super good English. I asked him how he learned it so good and he said it was from youtube. He just watches all these Minecraft, and 5 Nights at Freddy's videos and they taught him English. haha Tell that to Jason and he'll appreciate it because that's all Jared does. hahaha We also talked to some kids playing a weird game. They had these little cardboard circles and were throwing them on the ground on other circles trying to get them to flip over. These Filipino children are so easily entertained, and super good at that game too. It's kinda fun to watch. Maybe I'll invest in some so we can play together in a couple years. :)

The baptism was awesome! Everything worked out perfectly. She didn't drown, and neither of us got pneumonia from the ice water they poured into the font.  It wasn't actually ice water, but it definitely wasn't as warm as I remember the St. George temple baptismal font being. I have more respect for those pioneers who helped everyone cross the sweet water river. I can sort of sympathize with them now. :)  I feel more bad for Sister Rachel. She's the one who had to go all the way under. I just got my calves wet. haha (but really. I was pleasantly surprised when my garments weren't wet.) I guess our turtles can most sympathize with cold water though; especially by the looks of the back yard. Have you had to break up the ice on the pond yet? Poor guys. I don't know how they do it. I even snapped a few photos of the baptism, but I'm e-mailing just after my temple trip and wasn't expecting so be so rushed for time, so I will send photos next week. haha I said that last week, and the week before, but this time is for real!!!

 Not on so much of a Christmassy note, but I had some mayonnaise the other day, and it was sobrang masarap!!! (super tasty!!!) It was just a sandwich with bread and mayonnaise that a member had given me. I asked Elder Lindaya what it was, because it was so tasty and I had to know. I realized how much I missed home when it was just mayonnaise. hahaha

About my temple trip today: we got there way early so we could have companion study there and while practice teaching I was speaking almost flawless Tagalog. It was amazing!!! Probably the gift of tongues works better at the temple. It's fun just jabbering away in a foreign language though. It still feels funky for my mouth to form some of the sounds, so when I talk fast "it's making me all confuzed!" Heidi, What's that from???

So yeah. Great Christmas week, and I'm ready for a great new year. We have to be home by 7:00 on New Years Eve because it's too dangerous here to be out any later. haha

Anywho, "I'm going now, and I wish you all a very fond farewell."

Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Fawson

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