Sunday, January 3, 2016

Filipinos don't believe in toilet paper, so I was in a serious crisis!

The following are some random excerpts from Rob’s last letter. Some details I certainly wouldn’t share if they were mine but since they are Robert’s I will go ahead and post them for ya’ll to laugh at! ha ha ha Steve says “Rob is full of crap” and it sounds like he is right this time ;o ......

typical filipino toilet
I was sick once maybe my second week in the field. It was awful. I ate some pig liver (I think) for breakfast and after had some serious runns. I don't know if you're aware, but Filipinos don't believe in toilet paper, so I was in a serious crisis! I learned from this experience 2 lessons. 1) How to wipe with your hand (they have a little hose with a spray nozzle next to the toilet, so that comes in handy and you just shoot some water up there and use your hand. It's actually way more effective! But don't worry, 'cause I always wash my hands. haha) and 2) Prayer works. I've only gone #2 maybe 5 times since. It's pretty great!!! 

 It's a good thing that Elder Lindaya knows his way around these streets. It like a maze here. I'm getting the hang on it, but still. Mahirap na mga bagay! (rough stuff)

New Years was pretty alright. We had to go home at 7:00 because it's too dangerous out on the streets. While we were walking around that night some drunk guy was trying to force us into his house to party with him. I think that's a situation where it's okay not to accept an invitation to come in. :) It was kinda scary. He grabbed my wrist and was trying to pull me in. Maybe that's what it feels like to be dragged down to Hell. I don't like it. I thought about making him wither as a dried reed, but didn't want to make a scene, so I just pulled away and got out of there. :)

That night I read those family history papers you printed out for me, and William Bromley is a pretty awesome guy. He's my great great great grandpa. I respect him. He had an experience crossing the plains similar to yours down by the river, Mom. He had to sleep through a blizzard on top of a mountain without any bedding or fire. Wowzers!

Here in the Philippines we have these treat that are like Oreos, but they're called Cream-Os and they are pretty good, but then there are Cream-O Deluxes, and they are fantastic!!! They are like Oreos but with a Hersheys kiss inside too. MMM boy! 

Any who, so that was my life for this past week. Lots of walking around and talking to strangers about the gospel. It's pretty neat! You should try it some time. You know what they say, "every member a missionary!" 

Mahal na Mahal kita!!!!!

Elder Fawson

I feel kinda lame, but I forgot my camera.... I will write in my planner to remember it next time so I won't forget for sure. :) SORRY!!!!! I guess being a missionary doesn't erase all your flaws as a person. :) Sorry again, but I do love you and want you to see me having a grand time. I love you!

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