Monday, September 18, 2017

new food created: Sunnyside-down macMoroni pizza! Pure genius :)


This week was crazy! We had so much stuff going on it was ridiculous. Monday was fun. We had a birthday party for me. It was super awesome. We bought a 1,300 piso brick of real cheddar cheese (none of that fake Eden cheese nonsense) cooked up some macMoroni noodles, melted the cheese on the noodles and had homemade macMoroni and cheese. It was pretty tasty. Then there was lots of noodles left over and I'll tell you what we did with those later. (Suspenseful music)

Tuesday was crazy too. We went to the airport to catch our flight to manila for MLC and our flight was delayed pala. Dapat [must be] we left at like 2:00ish, but we didn't really leave until like 5:00. It was okay though, because we landed in the correct terminal and got some delicious Wendy's Bacconators. MMMMM BOY!!!!

Wednesday was MLC and it was super great. We learned about how to have the spirit poured out upon us and our areas, then talked about how to be effective leaders and then we ate some tasty MLC brownies and stuff. It was quite a success in my opinion. After MLC we were able to go to the temple, so that was of coarse a sublime experience. The temple is always nice. I was sitting in the celestial room and remembered the chandelier that used to be there. I think it was really just too great for this mortal sphere and is now hanging somewhere in the eternal realm of the celestial kingdom. The new chandelier is really nice too though and has lots of kulay [colored] rainbow sparkles. Yeah. The temple is the best!

Thursday was another miracle day. I went on another Crest hunt, because my toothpaste is almost out again and I was so worried that it wouldn't last on more month. Fortunately God listens to all our prayers and I was blessed with success once more. After I got my toothpaste we went to the airport and flew back to Palawan where we got home, had a short nap (because the previous days were full of gypped sleep and other super nakakapagod na [fatigue] things) and went out to teach a couple investigators. 

I have to tell you about a couple of our investigators. Their names are Amalia and Kier. They are magkapatid [siblings], and super amazingly progressing. The coolest thing is that they are a part-member family. Their sister, Armalyn, was baptized a little more than a year ago in Aborlan by a couple of Elders by the names of Elder Corpuz and Elder Fawson. Yup. How much radder can it get? Well let me tell you. Amalia and Kier are only 14 and 16 years old and have already read the Book of Mormon through Alma. They're getting baptized on the 30th of this month. Let me just tell you now, this is the epitome of ASTIG!!!!!

 Friday was busy too. We went and had to look at some bikes with the senior couple here for the Elders in Taytay, then we had weekly planing, so that took up almost the entire day. We did get to work for a few hours that evening though, so that was happy!

Saturday was way cool. Elder Andersen came to the Philippines to organize the 100th stake here in the country, the Mandaluyong stake, and last Saturday he did a priesthood leadership conference and we listened to a 4 hour broadcast of his teachings. It was really awesome. He taught about keeping the gospel simple. There are so many things and expectations and stuff that it can be overwhelming and hard for people to get it sometimes. It's important to keep it simple and easy to understand. There was some other stuff too, but this was my favorite. It was great!!!

yesterday was pretty much just the average Sunday except that we did some creative stuff for dinner. Remember the left over macMoroni from my birthday? We decided we needed to get it out of our fridge, so we created a new food. We whipped up a couple eggs, stirred in some hot sauce, put the noodles in it, then tossed it on the frying pan so it was like frying an egg, but with lots of noodles in it. Then we sprinkled some cheese on top and covered it with pepperonis. it was like an sunnyside-down macMoroni pizza. That's what happens when you don't prepare food for the sabbath. You just throw random stuff together, but it was honestly super masarap [delicious]. We called it the Ahn McFawsonley. Pure genius. :) I'll include a photo so you can sort of imagine what it was like. :)

Someone told me my hair looks like corn yesterday. So yeah. that was my week. This week will be just as busy, so you can be excited to hear all about it next week. I don't wanna give out any spoilers. :)

Mahal ko kayong lahat!!!!!! [I love you all!!!!!!]

Elder Fawson

Monday, September 11, 2017

Yesterday was my birthday which was nice...

Okay, so this is not really Robert... but it is Palawan!

Hello sa all y'all.

Who wants to know about a a cool miracle that happened this morning? Syempre everyone! I was preparing for the day and was waiting for Elder McCauley, my new guwapo companion, to finish ironing his shirt. He finally finished and I started my own then after like 2 minutes I realized that the iron wasn't even hot even though it was plugged in. I was confused because it had worked so well for Elder McCauley, but not for me. Turns out right as I started a burnout started too and we didn't have any koriente. I decided to wait for it too come back, but after like a half hour we decided to have a kabahay prayer and ask Heavenly Father to please bless us with electricity. About 2 minutes after the "amen" the electric fans started going and we were back in business. Then we knelt down and gave another prayer of gratitude. It was super cool. Moral of the story, God loves us and wants us to be happy. It was really cool. Now I have a wrinkle free polo and am feeling oh so fine. :)

It's been a crazy week. Transferring is always crazy, but this one especially because I usually have time to actually get familiar with my new area for the first few days, but not this time. We have been so busy doing so much stuff. Last Saturday we went back to Roxas for a baptismal interview (I conducted the interview which was fun because I taught the candidate a a couple times on exchanges before I transferred). We also had a meeting with the Porteous' about some stuff we needed to coordinate to combine the Roxas and Puerto zones, and then just a bunch of other stuff that abducted almost all our proselyting time. We'll probably go back to Roxas again this Saturday for another baptismal interview. This one is someone that I would've baptized had I not been transferred. I'll just have to interview her instead. :)

We did get to teach a few lessons though. One of them was with some new investigators we found in a fun way. We were looking for this lady and we went up to this house to ask if they knew her, but before we could say anything they told us to come in and sit down. We just sort of played it cool and pretended we knew what we were doing, but really we had no idea who these people were. Turns out they were a family of previous investigators of almost a year ago. We taught them and are going back on Tuesday. Then we also found Saphia (the person we were looking for in the first place) and taught her too. :) It was cool. This week I'll be able to get to know the area and current investigators better... if we have time after MLC and all. We're going to Manila on Wednesday and Thursday, so that'll snip out a chunk of time to teach, but it's fine. MLC is the best!

Elder Ahn and McCauley are my new companions and they are super awesome. They are both Amerikano, so that's fun. I went the first 18 months with purong pilipino companions, and now I'm gonna go the last 6 with purong Ameikanos. Fun stuff! 

Yup. All is going well here. I'm still on Palawan which is nice, I have sweet companions which is nice, yesterday was my birthday which was way nice, and we're making some homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch later which will be super nice! Yup. I'm doing good! :) Hopefully you all had as great a week as me and have a nice upcoming week as well. I know I will. Mahal ko kayo!!!

Elder Fawson

Monday, September 4, 2017

The greatest last transfer of my mission!!!

Hello world. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! The season just creeps up on you so fast! especially when an entire 1/3 of the year is the christmas season where you live. We sang Oh Come All Ye Faithful in church yesterday. Fun Stuff. :) 

Many of you may be thinking this is just an average day in the same computer shop I've been e-mailing in for the last 8ish months, but you thought wrong. I'm in Puerto right now in a computer shop I've never seen before in my whole 19 years and 358 days of being alive on this earth. We (Elder Tanner and I) left Roxas yesterday and stayed the night here in Puerto, then last night we had a most excellent spaghetti dinner, with some nice salad and a tasty graham cake in commemoration of Elder Tanner and Ullery's last Sunday in the mission. We woke up at 4:20 this morning to get ready and dropped them off at the airport. They are already in Manila right now. While sitting in this computer shop, the transfer info just came in. I'm going to lumipad to Puerto and be zone leader here. My companions (yup. that's plural, with an "s") will be Elder Ahn, and McCauley. They are both super awesome and this is going to be one of the greatest last transfers of my mission!!!

The only problem now is that all my damit [clothes], gamit [stuff], and other Kwan is all naiwan [behind] in Roxas. Looks like I'm making a road trip up there tonight to pack and stuff. My recent converts are going to be super bummed. I'm going to miss the Rublez family so much. They were the very first people I taught when I got to Roxas last February. I helped baptize them, and am now working on teaching the sister of Sister Marissa. That's going to be a hard goodbye! There are lots of people we were working with that are progressing super well. I think next transfer there could be 8-10 baptisms in that area. The people we were teaching were super solid in everything. I know the missionaries that are taking over though, and they are way awesome!!! I'm sad to go, but I'm still going to zone leader of Roxas too, because the Roxas and Puerto zones just combined, so I'll still be updated with everything. Also I'll be going back at least once this transfer to do exchanges, so I'll be able to see everyone again then as well. :) 

I got my itinerary sent to me today too, so that was sorta weird. I'll be arriving in St. George around 11:10 PM. That's pretty late. I hope Subway is still open at that time! That's a good idea about seeing Claire and Jon in Salt Lake. I think that would totally work out. I will be able to hold baby Margot, and see if Eevee still knows who I am before I even get home. I'll have to teach some Tagalog to Mila too so next time they come to visit home we can have secret conversations about My Little Pony and no one would ever suspect us. hahahahaha

Kind of a lot is going through my mind right now after hearing about transfers, and getting my itinerary and all that I can't really think about anything very interesting in comparison to talk about. We paid the electric bill the other day. that only happens once a month. It was about 1,400 Pisos. That's about the equivalent of $30. Does electricity cost much more than that in America? I don't really know. If you add the water bill on top of that it may be about $35. It's a good thing we split that between the two of us. I don't know if my support could handle paying all that on my own. :)

Another cool thing happened on Saturday that may catch Heidi's interest. We went to visit our recent convert Jocelyn so Elder Tanner could say farewell, and when we got to their house there was a baby monkey that Tatay Sanchez found and caught. Now they have a pet baby monkey and he is oh so very very cute and I pet him, and hawaked him, and played with his baby monkey ears. It was so awesome!!! I didn't have time to copy the pics to my flash drive, so maybe next week you can see his kaastigan [very good]. Yup. Fun stuff. :)

That about sums up all that's going on with me. Life is good, it's going to stay good with everyone who's getting iwaned in Roxas, and it's gonna be crazy good with all us here in Puerto. Sana l[hopefully] life is keeps goin' good fer all y'all din [also]. Mahal kita and ingat [and remember I love you]. Sa labas na si Elder Fawson. KAPAYAPAAN! (Elder Fawson is out. PEACE!)

Elder Fawson

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I can now testify for myself, that green eggs are not the best...

Helo mundo. That's tagalog for, "Hello world."

This is my investigator's manokan (place where he takes care of his chickens).

Before I get into the everyday goings on in my life, I have a story to tell you. I woke up Wednesday morning and thought it would be just an average morning, but little did I know there would be something very different. It all happened when cooking my breakfast. I put my bread in the toaster oven thing, then turned on the stove to heat up the pan for my eggs. I grabbed a couple eggs from the fridge, and cracked one onto the pan. It was perfect. The yolk didn't break or anything! I flipped the egg. Perpekto pa rin [perfect still]. I spatula-ed it onto my plate. I cracked the other egg onto the pan and much to my surprise, the egg whites wasn't very white. I think we could call it egg greens. I cooked it just like a regular egg and it turned out alright, except that it was green. I debated on not eating it, but then said to myself, “walang sayang!” [‘no affection!”] You may be thinking that's super gross, but I remembered Dr. Seuss' book, Green Eggs and Ham. That guy didn't want to eat the green eggs, but thanks to Sam I Am's persistence, he figured out that green eggs are actually really good. I can now testify for myself, that green eggs are not the best, and not nearly as good as the normal egg, but it didn't kill me either. (I included a photo of my green egg) Later on in the week we learned that almost the entire carton of eggs we bought that week were super bad and not suitable to be eaten by humans. We tossed them out and the neighbors dog went for them. So much for walang sayang. :)

I think I said last week we were going to look for star fish. Just so you know, we found them. Their entire hive. At first we were looking at couldn't find a single one, then after about a half an hour on our way back there were suddenly like a hundred along the way. It was awesome! Star fish are fun.

These were my companions when I worked in Taytay last week. Elder DelPilar and Elder DeCastro. They're super awesome!

Yeah. Elder Wilkes is pretty guwapo.

We went on Exchanges in Taytay last week too which is always fun! 
We were blessed once again to be the only ones in the shuttle going there. That's always the best thing ever, because when they cram 15 people onto 12 seats it gets a bit crowded. My knees don't appreciate it very much. It was a good exchange. We got rained on, but only a little. Every time the rain started to get super malakas [strong] we would go in someones house for a lesson, and then we would finish just as the rain stopped. That happened like 3 times. I was really pleased 'cause I forgot to bring my payong [umbrella].

Suffer the children to come unto me.

Another cool thing happened just yesterday. We were teaching Maryann (the bunsong kapatid [youngest sibling] of sister Marissa) and we asked about her Book of Mormon reading, and she's already to chapter 3 of 1st Nephi. It's cool 'cause we just gave her the book last Wednesday or something. She even read the whole pambungad, [introduction], testimony of the witnesses and of Joseph Smith. She's definitely getting baptized soon. Our lesson yesterday was Ang Word of Wisdom (the word of wisdom). She was fine with everything but one thing. Kape (coffee)! That is the worst thing. It gets everyone. Don't worry though. She promised not to drink it ever again magpakailanman [forever]. Cool stuff. 

Here's brother Joseph Alquezar eating a banana. You don't know him, but he's one of the coolest people I've met my whole mission. The lady in the photo is his wife. She's way cool too!!!

A crazy thing happened yesterday. We got home in the evening and were super hungry so we made a huge thing of spaghetti and ate ourselves silly, then later while Elder Tanner was taking out the trash (sometimes he likes to do the Rob job) and the neighbors were having a birthday party and were like, "Kain tayo!" [Let’s eat] That's the Filipino way of saying hi if they just so happen to be eating at the time. They don't really want to share their food, unless they say it 3 times. That's the magic number daw (There goes that school house rock song again! haha) the first time he was just like "sige po" like we always do. Then they said it again, "Kain tayo." He started explaining we had just filled our bellies to the brim on spaghetti when it happened the 3rd time. "Kain tayo!" (Notice the explanation point on this last one) He couldn't refuse. We went and they loaded up a couple plates for us. It was good food, but we were already oh so super duper busog. Somehow I managed to get it all down. Then it was like 10:25 and time for sleep. I still haven't eaten anything today and I'm still not hungry. Fun story huh. Yup. Filipinos take their birthdays pretty seriously!

Elder Fawson staying happy!

Robert inherited the coveted single eyebrow lifting gene :)

That's about all the interesting things I have to say about this week. I'm still safe and all is well in Roxas. I may not be in Roxas for much longer though. Next week is transfers and I have reason to think that there is a good chance I'll be transferring for my last transfer. It's not sigurado [sure] yet though. We'll see what happens. So yeah. Mahal ko kayo! Have a good week! I know I will. :)

We eat here sometimes and always order footlongs (really long hotdogs) and the people always are surprised that we want an entire footlong. Maybe they think we can't kaya the whole thing, and always double-check that we don't want just a 6 inch footlong. hahahaha

Another weird thing I just remembered is that this morning we went to the palengke (market) to buy some beef for our tacos we want to make before Elder Tanner goes home so we bought a kilo and as we were walking home we noticed it was almost all bone. They basically gave us a kilo of cow bone with a little bit of meat on it. That was disappointing. Now you can be thankful every time you go to the store and buy preground, boneless beef. :) Mahal kita ulit!  [I love you again] :)

Elder Fawson

Here's that dead rat on our porch last week.

Monday, August 21, 2017

✊we tao-poed this house and they gave us the go away hand...✋

Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat! at least it's hapon dito. Maybe it's more in the gabi time for you. :)

[ Good afternoon to everyone! At least it's afternoon here. Maybe it's more in the night time for you. :) ]

This week has been pretty awesome. We were OYMing last Tuesday and we Tao-poed [knock knocked] this house and they gave us the go away hand, so we turned around just in time to see this guy across the street look at us then shut his door in the jiffiest way possible (even jiffier than peanut butter). We went and tao-poed his house like any good missionary would do and he pulled the old I'm-going-to-be-really-quiet-and-wait-for-them-to-go-away trick on us. We debated on camping out in front of his house all night so we could catch him on his way to work in the morning but opted out and finally left. 


Then we went to a house next to a tree covered in Bowser spikes and they let us right in. I like it when that happens! They were a super nice family and the dad already knows a bit about the church. We were like, "We're missionaries." and he was like, "Oh, Moroni, right?" "Yeah. that is right!" They seem super prepared. His wife was sorta sad that day because her mom had died the week before and she was doing some funeral thing later, so we've got a good Plan of Salvation message for her. :) The gospel really is for everyone! That was just one of the miracles we saw this week. Life is good!

We had stake coordination meeting last Thursday, so that killed almost all of that day to work, but it was fun anyways. Elder Tanner got to see Bishop Edwards talk about his strategies to help out his dead wood one last time, so you could say it was all worth it! :)

Another fun thing happened on Saturday. We found a dead rat in our back area. We just got rid of him this morning, and he was already half decayed and covered in hundreds of maggots. Don't worry, I snapped a photo that I'll send you someday when I can figure out my flash drive. Probably next week. :) 

Guess what. Elder Tanner has only like 2 weeks left in his mission and then I have only like less than 2 months. Then Elder Wilkes who just got here last transfer has only like 2 years left. that's three twos. If I was playing phase 10 I would only need one for set of 3 to pass the first phase. Cool huh? Wait!!! We had an investigator family come to church yesterday "and there were 3 in the family (School House Rock, 3 is a Magic Number)." That's my second set! Phase 2, I'm ready for ya! The only problem is I don't remember what phase 2 was. :(

Elder Tanner shared with me a discovery he made in his personal study the other day. I want you all to read D&C 38:28. Read it and think really hard how to apply that to your life. If a giant snake doesn't come to mind, I'll be sorely disappointed! :)

That's about all the fun stuff I did this week, except that we made a bunch of snickerdoodles this morning. Ovens are such a blessing! Mahal ko kayo!!!

Elder Fawson

Monday, August 14, 2017

The earthquake was far from my Palawan paradise.

Hello world!

You may have noticed from the subject line that there was an earthquake a few days ago. Our phone told us so. it was a magnitude of 6.1 daw. I don't know if that's super big or what. We didn't feel it at all though because it happened in Batangas, which is far from my Palawan paradise of Roxas. It would have been a bit closer had I been in Manila, but Uncle Ed and Aunt Elaine would have had it far worse than me. I haven't heard any other news, so probably it's not a gigantor deal. 

 Rob got to play hymns for everyone at Zone Conference :)

Elder Tanner and Elder Fawson's break-out class.
This week was our zone conference, so that's always fun. We got to learn loads of cool stuff from President Fermanis, then teach loads of cool stuff in the break-out classes. Elder Tanner and I taught about using the Book of Mormon in EVERY aspect of the work. Not only in teaching, but in finding, asking for referrals, answering questions, resolving concerns, studies, and anything else that you can think of that a missionary does. I want to reiterate real quick what President Monson said about the Book of Mormon at the last Conference, that if you're not reading it every day, "please do so." I think that's his nice way of saying, "thou shalt do so!" In this regard I stand with Nike. "Just do it." I am. I'm learning about faith this time through, and this morning I just started into the Isaiah chapters of 2 Nephi. Fun fun fun!!!
Photos of Zone conference from Sister Fermanis' FB page

A crazy thing happened just before zone conference started. A few of us were sitting in the gym with one of the senior couples, and he started saying he wasn't feeling well and asked President Maskera to drive him home. Then he got super pale, and passed out. A couple people caught him before he fell out of his chair and he was just limp for a little bit then started to make weird sounds in his throat. after about 20 seconds or so he woke up and we gave him a blessing. Someone anointed him with oil then they all looked at me and I went to seal the anointing and give the blessing. It was super all of a sudden. After the blessing he was taken to a car and driven home. His wife said he would be fine, but that was the last I heard from him. Then the next day when we got home that night we got a text that said he was all well again and able to go about his normal missionary duties that day. So let this be a reminder to you that the priesthood is real. Don't take it for granted, and if you are a holder, always be worthy to use it, because you never know when the time will come that you'll need it. That was a cool spiritual experience that happened this week. 

There was a frog in our house last night. I caught him and put him in a little garden area out front. I think he'd appreciate living there more than under our sofa. :)

We found a new investigator couple this week too. They're Muslims and right in the middle of us sharing about the restoration the guys prayer reminder alarm went off and we had to cut it short so he wasn't late for his prayer. I guess they have set times that they have to pray every day. They are super nice though, and I was able to eat my first Nutella sandwich since my arrival here in Roxas more than 6 months ago. What a blessing that was! :)

That about sums up all the excitement of my week. I hope you all had Nutella sandwiches and frogs a part of your life this week too! Oh yeah, and the Book of Mormon. Good stuff, that Nutella! :)

Mahal ko kayo!!! Ingat.

Elder Fawson

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Book of Mormon is so cool

kamusta kayo? 

Busy ako.

Pwede po ba kaming makapagkilala sa inyo?

Busy ako.

Ako si Elder Fawson. Ano po ang pangalan ninyo?

next time na lang. Busy ako.

Sige po. Pero ano ang pangalan mo? 

................. *Pumasok sa bahay at hindi na siya lumabas

Sige. Ingat.

That's a conversation I have almost on the daily, but this week it didn't even happen once. Wanna know why? Syempre you wanna know! Because I had almost 0 time in my area. Last week was crazy! We had Pday on Monday, then Tuesday after lunch we went to Puerto, then on Wednesday we flew to Manila and our plane was delayed like 4 hours, then on Thursday we went to MLC then our flight to Puerto after MLC was delayed to the next day so I worked with Elder Zesiger in my very first area of my mission which was super fun and Elder Zesiger almost got killed by a super makulit [troublesome/ demanding] kid waving a toy gun around, then on Friday we flew to Puerto and came back to Roxas on a super masikit [cheerful] shuttle, then we did our studies for the day then it was time for bed, then on Saturday we did weekly planning and were able to work a bit when tanghali [noon] rolled around, then we had a baptism to attend in our district that evening then I woke up and it was Sunday and I finished the Book of Mormon again then we went to church and after church I got to interview a couple people for baptism and they both passed, then we did our studies for Sundays then we worked a bit that evening and found a couple new investigators named Robin and Hellen who are Catholic (just like almost everyone else) Then we came home and ate spaghetti and followed up our district leaders then I got followed up by Elder Zesiger, then I slept, then I woke up and started reading the Book of Mormon again, then we made a plate of Fibonacci pancakes now I'm here. I think I just won a reward for the longest run-on sentence ever. :)

I really did finish the Book of Mormon again. It was super cool. What I did this time is underline all the different names of the Godhead, then made a list on the back cover. Every time is said a name of Jesus Christ I underlined it in green ('cause that's my favorite color), then Heavenly Father was blue, and the Holy Ghost was red. I had no idea there were so many names for Christ. By the time I finished Moroni 10 I had a total of 95 different names/titles for him. Apparently someone at BYU said he found 101, so I guess I have to read it again and find the other 6. haha It was super cool. You'd think after you finish Alma or something they just wouldn't be able to think of any more, but they just keep coming! You should try it if you want, then tell me how many you find. The Book of Mormon is so cool!

I found a blister on my heel last week too, so that was fun... sorta. It's on my right foot. That foot is just so kawawa [poor]. That's the foot that got an ingrown toenail, that's the one I stubbed my toe super hard and only cried for less than 20 minutes, and now it has a blister. Poor guy! 

All is well. I'll be able to work a bit more this week, so that's good. We are going to Puerto again for zone conference, but that will just be a 2 day affair, not 4. We get to stay in a Hotel again. That means another one of those hot showers that are oh so nice. The only thing that could make it better is if they had one of those frog bathroom mats that are in the bathroom at home. That's a cool frog mat!

So yeah. That's what I've been up to lately. All is well in Roxas. :) I hope you all have a great rest of the week. I know I will! Mahal ko kayo.

Elder Fawson