Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lots of the kids call me Harry Potter and I don't know why

As for that photo with Elder Vincent, I think I have lost a few pounds while here. I guess a diet of rice and ulam is a better weight loss program than your cleanse. haha Maybe quinoa is about the same as rice though. :) Elder Lindaya says lots of people on the streets say "Pole" when I walk by. haha I've heard a lot of "giant" and "Matankad!" too. You have no need to worry about my mental status. All is well in my noggin. :) Apparently my height isn't the only thing people notice when they see me. People make fun of the way I walk too, how I move my arm with the same leg. I guess it looks sort of gay to them. haha 

Miracle minute: One of our less-actives that we visit has a depression problem. She cries almost every time we talk to her (which makes it especially hard to understand her). Anywho, she came to church a couple weeks ago and the very next day we visited her and she was so happy. She said that ever since church she has just been so happy! She came this week too. Hopefully we can get her fully active and through the temple eventually!!!

 You should send mail to the mission office, not the mission home. It's better that way. I did get a couple letters from Sister Gifford, so you should tell her "Thanks so much!" for me.

As for my Acne, I believe the Lord really does qualify those that he calls, and one of those things he does for them is clear their acne up. I've never had such a clean face in a long time. Actually, he doesn't clear up everyone's acne though. There is one missionary who has it pretty bad! I guess everyone needs to be qualified in different ways. :) haha

I feel so sorry for Professor Snape. He could "...teach you to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. Bottle fame, brew glory and even put a stopper in death." Just not his own death I guess. R.I.P. Severus Snape. Lots of the kids call me Harry Potter and I don't know why. Maybe it's my glasses. 

I can see a little resemblance... if only Harry had Ron's hair :)

It was transfers and my Lolo (grandpa), Elder Smith was transferred. Him, my tatay (dad) and me were all in the same district. How neat is that? heh

That's all I have to say for this week. "Life is good." 

Mahal ko kayo!!!

Elder Fawson

Timandra's side note: I googled the word ulam...

the Tagalog word ulam lacks an exact one work English definition. It means any delicious dish
Cooked rice (kanin) is the basis of almost every Filipino meal. The main dish that goes with the rice is called ulam. This can be a meat dish, fried fish, or a vegetable stew.

The basic, traditional Filipino meal consists of two essential things: kanin and ulam.

If the ulam is dry (not a sinigang or nilaga that has liquid broth), then there might be a small separate bowl for soup. This is not so common though.

There are Filipinos who are so poor that they cannot afford ulam, so what they do is eat kanin with white rock salt (asin).

Ang sarap nitong ulamin.
                                                             This would be delicious as an ulam.

Minsan kahit sarsa lang puwedeng ulamin.
                                                     Sometimes even just sauce can serve as ulam.

                                          If you eat an ulam without rice, you will be accused of papak

Huwag mong papakin iyan!
                                                                      Don't eat that without rice!

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