Monday, January 11, 2016

I've had a pretty "regular" week

I am just having another awesome week! I'm glad everyone enjoys my experiences. I don't know if wiping with my hand is better, but it's really not bad when it is necessary. :) The hose just comes out of the wall next to the toilet. there's also a little soap holder thing too, so you don't worry about sanitation. haha
 Just remember to "mourn with those that mourn." That means don't laugh at other people's diarrhea. I've had a pretty "regular" week though this week (in both senses). 

Here's a photo I know you've been dying to see. haha I hope this is a happy one. I couldn't tell. Some of them we weren't ready and thus not smiling 'cause the sun was sobrang liwanag (Super bright)!!!

Rachel's baptism was really nice. There wasn't a lot of people there; just the missionaries in our district, and her family she was living with. She already moved back to her province with her parents, so I'll probably never see her again. I got her address though so we can probably still keep in contact. 

This week was MTC exchanges for our area. Remember that time in the MTC when I went on exchanges and then there was a fire and I became a hero? It's that same idea except no fire this time. Unfortunately, there were no appointments either. haha Poor Elder Vincent. We got lots of OYMs though. I was  leading the area and it was just the 2 of us foreigners who hardly speak Tagalog at all. haha It's a good thing for divine interference or that could have been the worst 2 hours of my life. It's so amazing how sometimes when the situation is dire I can understand what people are saying, but not other times. It's hard to even hear the words coming out of their mouth when we're on the street because of all the noise of motorcycles, and stuff going on. Especially when the children mistake me for playground equipment and are jumping all over me hanging on my arms and such shouting "Matangkad!!! Malaki!!!" I want to say "Hey kids. scram!" but I'm busy sharing about Joseph Smith so it's really hard. haha It's fine though. Like President Ostler advised, I control my rage and just smile and try to be happy all the time. I'm really good at that. Heidi gave me lots of practice. haha Just kidding! During the exchanges though we talked to lots of people and I could actually get the gist of what they said. It was kinda fun discerning meaning out a bunch of weird sounds. haha It's a lot harder fitting into a tricycle with him than Elder Lindaya. hahahahaha 

I looked these words up for english translation and laughed :)
matangkad: Tall and slender of stature
malaki - big; huge; large; immense; majestic; stalwart; strapping ;great; bulky
Robert with Elder Vincent after their exchange together

That's so crazy that Grandpa [is in the hospital]! It's good to know he's okay and reminded Heidi about SUPAF. I wish you luck, Heidi, with that concerto. I have been humming lots of that music and Elder Lindaya doesn't recognize it. He just doesn't have "the predisposition" I guess. ha ha

Robert's bearded big brother Sam in Maui
I LOVE SAMS BEARD!!!!! I wish I was allowed to have one. That's my dream. When I get back, the first thing I'm going to do is not shave. Nice goggles too. It looks like we are having pretty similar weather, so that's fun. I hope Heidi doesn't crash the car driving on the snowy roads to St. George. Maybe her dream of being a Snowplow driver won't be in vain after all. haha 

At breakfast we were at the place across the street and at the table next to us there was this guy making sounds of great approval to the food he was eating. It was just like What About Bob. "MMmmmm, mmmmmm masarap! Ohhhh mmmmmmmm masaraaaaap! mmm" That is a direct quote. hahahaha It was so funny. haha

Bob enjoying Dinner with the family :)

Sorry there isn't much in depth about every day but pretty much we just wake up at 6:30, prep til 8:00, study scriptures and language until noon, proselyte until 9:00, come home and plan for the next day, sleep at 10:30, do it again. It's pretty awesome. :)

I love you guys!  

 For all you nerds out there, Rob sent one more picture to prove he is still himself... Heidi knew the answer right away :)
Who's that Pokemon?

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