Sunday, January 31, 2016

They like to pet my white arm hair and gawk at my blonde eye brows

My week actually just cruised on by too! I'm already in my 10th week of my training. WHAAA!!! In my journal I write the day it is of how many days I am in the mission, and today I can write 102. How exciting is that? I'm already 102 days into it. I guess I've been a missionary longer than all my time in my Pokemon games combined. Maybe they're about the same. :) I wonder if that makes me not just a Pokemon master, but a Missionary master too? haha!!

I feel kinda sorry for you guys just freezing do death over there. It's sunny and warm here. The only time I wish I had a sweater is during sacrament meeting. They turn the AC on 16 degrees! Of course it's Celcius here, but still. That's a really low number when referring to temperature. :) haha

I have created a theory about de-ja-vu. I have been experiencing it quite frequently and have come to the conclusion that sometimes, when we are asleep we dream the future. Maybe not a whole lot, but just a few seconds, or a picture. De-ja-vu is when that future comes to the present and the dream that we had back when we dreamed comes sort of to our remembrance, thus, we feel like it's happened before. That's a pretty good theory, huh?

I actually do find it hard to be myself in Tagalog cause I can't use all the fun lingo that I have in english. I'm working on it thoughI actually talk to the children a lot! they like to pet my white arm hair and gawk at my blond eye brows.Thanks for the wise advise. It's like Brother Bennett's talk. I don't know if me being slow to learn Tagalog is good, or bad. Maybe if I was a champion speaker I would get sent to Palawan and then my plane would crash and everyone would die. That would be a disaster. haha [This is funny if you are in the LaVerkin 3rd Ward]

I learned that I'm becoming a prodigy here. Sometimes when we walk around, strangers like to take pictures with us, 'cause I'm so tall, and the other day we were door knocking, and the people let us inside. When we were getting to know them a little bit they said they had seen me before. I asked "saan (where)?" they said, "on facebook." hahaha how crazy is that? I'm probably rampaging the internet of the Philippines and don't even know it. haha That's what I call missionary work! Someone's probably gonna see my name-tag and say, "what's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all about? Then they'll research it and be baptized and it'll be so great! :)

Hopefully while I'm getting famous over here everyone at home doesn't forget who I am. That'd be lame if no one remembers me when I get home. haha. Anywho, I gots ta go. We have a busy P-day today because our district activity is today. We are watching a movie. I think it's Big Hero 6. I haven't watched a worldly movie in months! Sometimes I see some T.V. while proselyting, but that doesn't count. Once I even heard the Spongebob Squarepants theme song going on in a house. I felt really prompted to knock there. haha It made me happy. :) haha

Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Fawson
Teaching the Casia Family

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