Monday, December 14, 2015

Typhoon Melor/Nona Emergency Preparedness Plans :)

Robert's mission president is so awesome about including the families of his missionaries in his letters as well calming any fears that we may have about our child's safety. I thought some of you might appreciate hearing about their organization and safety plans. Naturally Rob's letter last night didn't mention a thing about the Typhoon.

Dear Family and Friends of Our Missionaries,

As you may have seen on the international newswires, a large typhoon has made landfall in the Philippines. The storm is currently not forecast to send anything more than a strong rainstorm to the Manila area and should miss Palawan all together. We are, however, praying for our brothers and sisters who are in the path of the storm.

Storms can change course at any time. For this reason, our missionaries are always very well prepared for an emergency. They review their individual emergency plan at the beginning of each weekly district meeting. They each have a special backpack with 72 hours of food, water and other supplies. They also have an emergency supply of cash, a fully charged cell phone, an evacuation plan and emergency contact numbers. They have been trained to avoid floodwaters and downed power lines. In the event of a big typhoon or other natural disaster we have set up a regular communication plan to locate and care for all of our missionaries. Tonight I sent out a text reminder to the missionaries reminding them to be wise and follow their training.

We love your missionary and will always care for them as if they were our own son or daughter.

May the Lord bless you for sending your precious child to serve the Lord. You would be so proud of who they are becoming and the great work they are doing.

Warmest regards,

President Creg Ostler

Philippines Manila Mission

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  1. Sounds like he's in capabl hands - our prayers are with him