Sunday, December 20, 2015

I'm baptizing someone on Saturday! How neat is that?

If every 1/12 of my mission is this great, It'll be awesome, but everyone tells me it gets better after the first year, so I guess I'm just gonna be the happiest guy on earth. 

Life is definitely different here than at home. For example, at home I rarely saw people in front of there house in only there underwear, but now I think I'll feel awkward when I get home and everyone is fully clothed. I never do that of course, but maybe if I didn't have my garments it would be worth a shot. haha!

Another example: Never until the last couple weeks have I been offered drugs, but I was walking down the street one day, and out of nowhere I hear this man say, "Hey Joe (that's what they call white people, Joe). Want some weed?" I don't even know this guy, and he's so kind as to offer his weed to me. The people here are so nice. I kindly declined and gave him a card with a link to a Christmas message and our cell number on it. Hopefully he calls so we can teach him about the word of wisdom. hahaha

[I told Robert that I thought of him and his big feet during the Messiah when they sang the part that says..."How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things. (Isaiah 52:7)]

I think when Isaiah prophesied about beautiful feet he was seeing a vision of me. I keep my feet so fine. Walang (without) ingrown toenails, walang athletes foot, and my toenails are clipped and so fine. hahaha I'v been humming the Messiah music ever since last week to be in the spirit of things. :)

Washing clothes is a challenge! I think I can see my hands getting buffer though. I guess blessings really do come after the trial of your faith. Muscles don't get huge before you work out. Look at Dad for example. He wasn't just born with herculean physique. He had to work really hard for that! 

Talking about working out, while buying breakfast at the place across from out apartment we saw an old man that we see while running sometimes and got talking to him. He started out by saying how much he admires us for being missionaries. Then he started preaching to us about how thieves will go to hell and that he hates bullies. He said, "I hate bullies. if I see someone getting bullied I will go up to the bully and POW!  HAH! BAM!" as he punches the air and swings his wrinkly old bony elbow in the air. Then he said, "I won't stop until he's on the ground." haha How cool is that. He was like 80 years old. haha

I was starting to think heavy rain here was a myth, then this week happened. It wasn't Typhoon status, but it was really wet! That typhoon must have been elsewhere, but we maybe got a little rain from it. I dunno. 

I don't know if I told you already about our plans for a white christmas, but it's a go. Not white with snow, but white with baptism clothes. That's right. We are having a baptism on Saturday. Her name is Rachel Somera Delacruz. She asked me to do the honors, so it's a good thing I brought my white pants. :) How neat is that? I'm baptizing someone! haha 

Life is going pretty great! I was notified that I got a package so after my e-mailing session we are going to the mission office to pick it up. :) So excited!!!!!

Mahal kita!!!!!

Elder Fawson
Originating from the Spanish word farol, the Filipino parol is a star-shaped Christmas lantern. As Christmas nears, parol shops start lining the streets.

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