Monday, July 31, 2017

I was supposed to sing a solo for General Conference...

Hello my friends! (remember that one movie we watched for ward youth conference like 5 years ago? I think it was called "Unitards." That's what I was trying to quote) :)

I'm glad dad had such a fun time with the Mila and Eevee and that all was well for you this week too. My week was super great!  We had a half-day mission with the ward last Saturday and we worked with this lolo [grandfather] named Tatay Sornito. He is so awesome! we got like 7 new investigators in only 3 hours. That's the power of member workers! :) One of them was named Nedi and at the very start she was asking about modern day prophets. We were like, "That is exactly what we wanted to share with you today. Let me tell you about this guy named Joseph Smith..." It was an awesome lesson and at the end she said she would come to church the next day. The only bummer is that she didn't come to church. But that's 'cause her son got super sick. The good part is that we saw her about 15 minutes ago on the daan [way] coming here to the computer shop and she apologized and said she would come "next week na lang." Tatay Sornito [Daddy Sornito] is a champion! One time when we went to his house we heard from above us, "elders!" Then he climbs down this tree he'd been in collecting fruit. He's like 60 years old and still climbing trees like a modern Filipino Mowgli. He's our most dependable member worker by far!

I had a dream the other night that I think might interest you. I was in a super huge family history library doing some family history work. It was interesting. Every generation back I went, I had to go another level down stairs. I slowly made my way down to dungeon level 2 to 3 until finally I made it all the way down to level 7. While working on my great-great-great-great-great grandparents (that's 5 greats) I was stuck and didn't know what to do. I said a prayer that I could figure out my problem and when I opened my eyes, a glorious vision opened up before me. If you want to read Joseph Smith's account of when Moroni appeared to him in his bedroom, that's what it was like. A super white bright portal opened up above me and an angel slowly descended down from the portal. When he was completely visible the portal closed and he spoke to me. He said, "My name is Merlin. I'v been sent to help you with your family history. From that point on he answered my questions and helped me fill in all the information that was lacking. I was almost ready to go down to the next level, dungeon level 8, when suddenly the alarm went off and I woke up. It was an awesome dream and I can still visualize it really well if I think about it. It was awesome!!!!

I had another dream that was pretty good too. I was supposed to sing a solo for general conference, but my accompanist couldn't find his music and was looking for it for minutes and then I guess Elder Holland got sick of waiting, so he went up to the organ and played a crazy organ solo instead. That was a nice dream too. I think it's interesting that the things you do every day affect what you even dream about. I don't think I ever would have dreamed of me performing in general conference, but now that I'm a missionary stuff like that happens. It's pretty fun. Being a missionary is fun! If you haven't done it before I highly recommend it. :)

These guys cracking up at Robert during his general conference dream... hahaha
This week is MLC so that means I'm going to Manila. That means I won't have any work in my area for almost all week. We leave Roxas on Tuesday and won't be back 'til Friday. Rough stuff! MLC is fun though. They always have these super tasty treats afterwards. :) So yeah. Weeks like this always go by so fast. When I go to Manila time is supposed to pause here, but it doesn't, so when I get home it feels like Wednesday, but it's actually Friday and time to do weekly planning... again! Weekly planning always comes around so fast! Time is weird! 

Anyways, Mahal ko po kayo!!! [I love you all!!!]

Elder Fawson

P.S. I wanted to send some photos, but the computers here are super ayaw [do not] to my flashdrive. Next week na lang! [That’s all!] The anticipation must be killing you. Especially to see the monkey photos (yup, that's a plural noun) that I took for Heidi. :)

[Cute excerpt from a separate letter]
I was just looking at my family history...seeing if Merlin was in the 7th generation back and I noticed a green temple on the name of Cyrus Bates. He's from your side. Open up the arrow above James O Gamble, then the arrow above Appollos Lambson. It's just sitting there waiting for some savior on mount zion to help him out. :) Maybe you could do it. It's not reserved or anything.

There are a few blank spaces in my 7th generation back. When I get home I'll find out who they are and probably one of them is named Merlin. I'm super excited about this!

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