Monday, August 7, 2017

The Book of Mormon is so cool

kamusta kayo? 

Busy ako.

Pwede po ba kaming makapagkilala sa inyo?

Busy ako.

Ako si Elder Fawson. Ano po ang pangalan ninyo?

next time na lang. Busy ako.

Sige po. Pero ano ang pangalan mo? 

................. *Pumasok sa bahay at hindi na siya lumabas

Sige. Ingat.

That's a conversation I have almost on the daily, but this week it didn't even happen once. Wanna know why? Syempre you wanna know! Because I had almost 0 time in my area. Last week was crazy! We had Pday on Monday, then Tuesday after lunch we went to Puerto, then on Wednesday we flew to Manila and our plane was delayed like 4 hours, then on Thursday we went to MLC then our flight to Puerto after MLC was delayed to the next day so I worked with Elder Zesiger in my very first area of my mission which was super fun and Elder Zesiger almost got killed by a super makulit [troublesome/ demanding] kid waving a toy gun around, then on Friday we flew to Puerto and came back to Roxas on a super masikit [cheerful] shuttle, then we did our studies for the day then it was time for bed, then on Saturday we did weekly planning and were able to work a bit when tanghali [noon] rolled around, then we had a baptism to attend in our district that evening then I woke up and it was Sunday and I finished the Book of Mormon again then we went to church and after church I got to interview a couple people for baptism and they both passed, then we did our studies for Sundays then we worked a bit that evening and found a couple new investigators named Robin and Hellen who are Catholic (just like almost everyone else) Then we came home and ate spaghetti and followed up our district leaders then I got followed up by Elder Zesiger, then I slept, then I woke up and started reading the Book of Mormon again, then we made a plate of Fibonacci pancakes now I'm here. I think I just won a reward for the longest run-on sentence ever. :)

I really did finish the Book of Mormon again. It was super cool. What I did this time is underline all the different names of the Godhead, then made a list on the back cover. Every time is said a name of Jesus Christ I underlined it in green ('cause that's my favorite color), then Heavenly Father was blue, and the Holy Ghost was red. I had no idea there were so many names for Christ. By the time I finished Moroni 10 I had a total of 95 different names/titles for him. Apparently someone at BYU said he found 101, so I guess I have to read it again and find the other 6. haha It was super cool. You'd think after you finish Alma or something they just wouldn't be able to think of any more, but they just keep coming! You should try it if you want, then tell me how many you find. The Book of Mormon is so cool!

I found a blister on my heel last week too, so that was fun... sorta. It's on my right foot. That foot is just so kawawa [poor]. That's the foot that got an ingrown toenail, that's the one I stubbed my toe super hard and only cried for less than 20 minutes, and now it has a blister. Poor guy! 

All is well. I'll be able to work a bit more this week, so that's good. We are going to Puerto again for zone conference, but that will just be a 2 day affair, not 4. We get to stay in a Hotel again. That means another one of those hot showers that are oh so nice. The only thing that could make it better is if they had one of those frog bathroom mats that are in the bathroom at home. That's a cool frog mat!

So yeah. That's what I've been up to lately. All is well in Roxas. :) I hope you all have a great rest of the week. I know I will! Mahal ko kayo.

Elder Fawson

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