Tuesday, July 11, 2017

hot dogs and fries on the 4th of July was most excellent!

Hello world!

This week was so crazy. I did so many fun things that you all probably do anyways, but are fun and no longer common in my life and may not seem to interesting, and also a couple things that many of you have never done and may not believe I did them. Let me assure you; I did!

It was a super busy week. We had hardly any time to work here in Roxas because Tuesday afternoon we went to Puerto, and didn't get back until Friday night. Tuesday as many of you all know was the 4th of July. WOOT WOOT! Our opening hymn for district meeting was the Star Spangled Banner. We all put our hands on our heart and looked at the super astig american flag drawn in my planner. That's not all we did to celebrate the occasion though. When we went to Puerto that evening we stayed at some other elders apartment and they had prepared like 50 hot dogs and some fries we could munch on pretending there were some fireworks going on. It was most excellent!

Wednesday we flew to Manila for MLC and it turns out at the airport there is a Wendys. Syempre I ate my first Baconator in like 20 months. "Happy? You bet I am! (someone from my Pokemon game that I haven't played in like 20 months either. I think that's a record!)" 

I met President Fermanis last Thursday. He's super awesome and way funny!!! He is so knowledgeable about the gospel too. Any time someone would ask him a question he was just like, "well lets all open up to D&C section ...." It was crazy. Someday I'll know the scriptures like that too. I've learned a lot on my mission so far, but I've got a long ways to go to abot [reach] his level. I think he looks a lot like Papa (from what I remember Papa looking like) which makes me naturally like him that much more. 

One of the things many of you probably haven't done, but should do, that I did this week is finish the entire Old Testament from Genesis 1-Malachi 4. I read it all. In my Pokemon game I caught 'em all. Now in my bible, I've read it all. All I have to do now is finish the New Testament again and I'll have read the whole bible from "In the beginning" to "the end." Cool stuff. You should try it some time. It's pretty fun!

(Rob probably was not thinking about sharks being endangered or about getting Mercury poisoning :0) 

Another thing that's pretty fun is sharks. Not only are they fun to look at, but to eat too. I did that this week too. We did it Wednesday morning before going to the airport. They bought it in the palengke [marketplace]. Only 85 pesos for almost 3 kilos. It takes forever to prepare, and it smells super gross, but it was fun to eat! We chopped it up into little bits then deep fried him. The finished product looked a lot like chicken nuggets (but it was Shark nuggets) and tasted a lot like fish sticks. :) I'll send some photos for you.

(Hopefully he didn't eat 3 kilos of shark nuggets alone!)

That's about all I've got for you this week. We found a new family though in the konti time we did have to proselyte. they're the Balba family. They are pretty cool! We'll see if they are going to progress or not this week. Lets keep our fingers crossed! :)

Now that's all I've got for you this week. Life goes on. The tide is supposed to be way low later today before 6:00, so hopefully Elder Tanner and I are going to go out and hunt for cool stuff before heading out tonight. Mahal ko po kayo!!!

Elder Fawson

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