Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"Come in" the most glorious words in the dictionary

Rublez family wedding. That was a happy day! Because the baptism was on the same day. It's always nice to not have to remember so many anniversaries. :)
Helo everybody!

The craziest thing happened. I think I time traveled into the future. 2 Fridays ago we did our weekly planning, and had a baptism which was super awesome. Then on Saturday Elder Tanner was super sick and we didn't work, then it was Sunday and we went to church and stuff, then it was P-day, then on Tuesday we went to Manila and didn't come back 'til Thursday night, then it was weekly planning again!!! I was so shocked when it was Friday again because time just went by so fast. In my mind it was only Wednesday, but in reality it wasn't. Time is weird when you can't work much in your area! 

Saturday was our only full day of work all week. It was a good day though. in the morning we walked around and OYMed a ton of houses. It's always awkward when you walk up to a house with the door wide open and the TV clearly on, but nobody comes when you shout "TAO PO!!!" [knock knock!!!]They thought we wouldn't notice the sound of the battle cries of Encantadia coming from the television. We just shout "Tao po!" a few more times and then say, "sige po. Sa susunod na lang!" [Okay. Go to the next !] After 2 hours of "pasensya. busy po ako." [patience. I am busy.] and "Catholic ako!" [ I’m Catholic!] we finally found the right house. It was really cool. It was on a street I hadn't noticed before and Elder Tanner was like, "lets try down here." So we did. We went to a fun looking yellow house at the end and said, "Tao po." That was when the glorious sound came to my ears."Pasok kayo." [Come in.] Those 2 words are the most glorious words in the dictionary to a missionary that's been punted all morning. Oh what rapture and bliss, there's no song can express the joy that filled our hearts as we crossed the bamboo threshold of that yellow kubo hut! There was a nice family and they let us share with them. It was a lolo and lola, [grandfather and grandmother] their kids and young grandkids at home. One of the grandkids was only 2 weeks old. I think when we go back to them they'll be ready to come to church and everything. They've already met some missionaries before so that's always a bonus too! It was awesome!

I restarted the Book of Mormon again last week too. I'm in 1 Ne 13 already. This time I am underlining all the names of Christ and making a list of all the different names. After reading only the first 13 chapters I already almost have 30 different names. It's way neat to see all his different titles. Most of them are "Lord" and "God," but there are some super cool ones too! You should read it to find out what they are. :)

Our bishop is doing a super awesome job. Last week we asked him if he could call some new ward missionaries because there were only 4. Three of them were girls, who we can't work with if we don't have a 3rd lalaki [man], and the other one is less-active. Then yesterday in sacrament he stood up and was like, "I'd like to call the following as ward missionaries." then he read a list of like 10 super awesome members. Then after church we had coordination and all of them were there. Later that day each companionship had like 3 member workers with us. It was super sweet!!! Things are really starting to pick up a lot faster now that we're a ward. 

Tomorrow is zone conference, so that's always fun. Surely if you check up on the mission blog soon you'll see some nice photos of me. :) We're getting these cool new umbrellas with pictures of the temple on them so we can OYM people even if it's raining. "Oh, you look drenched! Come stand here under my umbrella with me for a couple minutes so I can share to you about eternal families." (2 minutes later) "You should come to church some time. Well, I know it's still raining, but I got to go. bye." I got this umbrella thing down. We practiced for a while in MLC our umbrella OYMing approaches. I'm bound to have at least 1 baptism off this thing! :)

So that's what's up with me. I hope you all have  nice week and have fun with whatever you're doing. Be grateful you're not going to school. Today is the first day of school for the kids here in Roxas. kaawaawa sila! (too bad for them) hahahaha Anywho, Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Fawson
Elder Fawson "teachin' 'em all"

Toothpaste miracle!

That's the mamoth spider. Maybe a little smaller than the one you put on my blog, but pretty big none-the-less. :)

This one at the ocean is Jomar with his family. He's super awesome too! His dad baptized him as well. :)

This is Sister Jocelyn in front of the church! Her dad baptized her. He was super nervous because he's never baptized anyone before, but it was all great. She's the best!!!!

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