Monday, May 29, 2017

Piliin Ang Tama

Helo mundo! [Hello world!]

I'm glad you all had such a fun week celebrating birthday parties, weddings, and lots of other stuff! My week was pretty nice too! We went to Taytay last Tuesday for exchanges and it was nice. We took a shuttle which is usually a really squishy and uncomfortable 2 hour experience, but this time we were the only 2 passengers almost the entire way. It was sweet! Our exchange was fun too. I worked with Elders Petersen and Del Pilar. They are really awesome missionaries and we had several really nice lessons and a few new investigators to go along with it. Our travel home was made even better when the Wolcotts made a surprise visit before heading back to Puerto and offered to drive Elder Tanner and I back to Roxas. It was even comfier than the shuttle the day before, much better company because the Wolcotts are so nice! and walang pamasahe! [no fare]!!! Woot woot!!!

Thursday was our only full day of work in our area last week, but it was a grand day! We were sort of punted in the morning for all our appointments so decided to do some finding and we certainly did find. We taught a family that is really nice. There is like 8 of them total. Then right after that we went to the house of a previous investigator the missionaries taught a couple years ago. It turns out the people that used to live there have moved, but the new people were happy to listen to us, so we taught them too. It was super awesome! I'm excited to go back to these people and see how they progress. Finding new families is the best!

Friday was sweet because we had a baptism. Sister Jocelyn is now an official member of the church, so you can all let out a long held sigh of relief. Not only her either. 4 people were baptized that day. Every companionship had at least 1 baptism. I think it's the best way to get started on the path of ward-hood. They were all confirmed yesterday too! It was a really organized baptism. The font was filled hours before the program started, and the programs were already made up on the computer. We just had to print them out. It was grand! I think the members are trying harder now that they are a ward. I'm likin' it!

Friday evening was not so fun for Elder Tanner because he started feeling sick, then Saturday he was really sick and we just stayed home all day. He slept a lot and I read a lot of Bible. I finished Jeremiah and Lamentations. :) Reading the Bible is fun. Sometimes it's boring, but if you can endure, there are some really cool stories that pop up. I would invite anyone who hasn't read the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelations, to do so. It'll be a super good experience.I haven't finished yet, but I will. 

Sunday was really hard for Elder Tanner too. We went to church, gave some on-the-spot talks in sacrament in which I declared to everyone the glad tidings of my sisters birthday (by the way, Happy birthday Claire!!!), and got our newly baptized people confirmed. When we got home Elder Tanner was still sick, but feeling okay enough to teach a couple lessons. It was a nice day! For me at least. He's still not feeling really great, but he does feel better than before, so we think his sickness is going away.

I got a cool piece of jewelry the other day. Elder Tanner had a PAT ring in his bag that he gave me. You may be wondering, "What's a PAT ring?" It's a cool ring with a green shield on it and says PAT on it. It looks like a CTR ring, but here we don't say "Choose the right." We say "Piliin ang tama". Hence, PAT. Every time I look at it though the first thing that pops into my head isn't "Piliin ang tama," but Mr. Fran from dad's school. hahahaha I think I'll get one for him when I come home. :)

So yeah. good stuff is goin' on in Roxas! I hope you all have a nice week this week! I know I will. It'll be another busy one 'cause we're going to Manila on Wednesday for MLC. Anywho, mahal ko kayong lahat!!!

Elder Fawson

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