Tuesday, May 2, 2017

...Her native language is ilongo - I am starting to figure that language out.

Howdy y'all. That's not Tagalog, but it's still fun to say.

This week was super sweet! I was able to go on exchanges last Wednesday and it was really fun. His name is Elder Evans. That's right! He's an Amerikano. He's the 6th Amerikano I've worked with my whole mission. I haven't had much experience with it because all my companions have been Filipino. He's only about 6 months in the mission so his Tagalog wasn't the greatest. He is pretty good though. Mostly he just needs to work on his accent. We had a pretty awesome day though. One of our new-ish investigators, Jocelyn accepted a baptismal date for May 27th so were really excited for that. She also came to church yesterday so she's progressing really well. It was a little hard teaching her with Elder Evans though, because her native language isn't Tagalog. It's Ilongo so sometimes we had no idea what she was saying. it was fine though. I am starting to figure that language out. I can ask, "what is your name?" It's like this, "Sino imo ngalan?" That's about all I know. hahaha It was a really great exchange!

Something really cool happened on Thursday! After the Rublez family got baptized a month ago we haven't really had lots of people to teach, so we started praying that we could find people to teach that would progress and get baptized, especially families. Then last Thursday we taught a  lady named Sister Rom. She is a good friend of sister Marissa who just got baptized and she seems so prepared! She has like 4 kids living at home with her and her husband. It was a huge answer to our prayers. Also the kids of some members just moved here to Roxas and started coming to church a couple weeks ago so we are teaching them now too. One of them is the one I mentioned earlier that's getting baptized on the 27th. So basically, prayer is real. True story!

I got to use my umbrella a few days ago, so that was sort of fun. I went like 2 months without an umbrella and got really wet because of it more than a few times, so when I got here in Roxas I bought an umbrella. The only thing is that once I bought it, it doesn't rain anymore. What's up with that? I've had it more 3 months now and only used it for like 15 minutes total. It was only light rain the times I did, but I figured I should get my money's worth out of it. My 175 pesos are super sayang! It's got a fun pattern though with blue and green polka-dots. 

We saw a turtle at the church the other day, so that was fun. He was just walking around in the grass. That's one of the cool things about being on Palawan. You don't just find turtles walking around in Manila. Roxas rules!

Something really awesome is happening on the 21st of this month. Puerto Princessa is having stake conference. Not district conference. STAKE conference. The very first stake conference Palawan has ever seen! And I'm going to be there to see it! That means that Roxas will be a ward. So yeah. It's a pretty big deal and the people here are pretty psyched!

It's too bad to hear that Heidi can't fry doughnuts for a living. I haven't had a doughnut in quite some time. Maybe she can fulfill her dream of becoming a snowboard instructor with her huskies in Alaska. I'm thinking about going into the mail delivery business when I get home. Hopefully the post-office doesn't hold any lasting resentment towards me for almost destroying one of their vans. :) hahaha

That's fun about the Fawson family reunion. I wish I could join you all for Lake Powell and stuff! Maybe when I get home in October it still won't be crazy cold and we can take the boat out on quail for some water skiing and stuff. I can pretend it's lake Powell. I was actually just wearing my Lake Powell T-shirt kanina [a little while ago], so that was fun! :)

I must say I'm more than a little jealous about the brats. Not only are they a crowd-pleaser, but a tummy-pleaser too! I had some hot-silog for breakfast yesterday. And lunch. I think that brat-silog would be pretty awesome though too! Let me tell you how to do it. cook up some brats, fry up some eggs, magsain some rice and put it all on a plate. Tapos na! That's what I call Filipino cuisine! hahahaha

I'm so excited for claire's baby to come! When is it expected to pop out? Buntis [pregnant] people here in the Philippines get lots of cool special treatment. It's pretty much a V.I.P. pass to the front of any line and cheaper jeepney rides. Cool huh? So maybe next time she gets pregnant she could just come to the Philippines. :)

I had forgotten your mission was only 18 months. That's kind of weird to think that if  I had served 30 years ago I would be headed home now. WaCkY! Don't worry though. I'm going to work hard to the end. That's what I learned from cross country. I'm sort of like at the final sprint. It's going to be a successful last sprint too! We've got a baptism lined up for May 13th, so you can all look forward to that! :)

That's sweet Nathan got a new Camaro! That must make Isaiah pretty happy!!! There's a recent convert here in the branch whose last name is Camano. That's almost like Camaro. :) Speaking of Isaiah, I haven't heard from him in far too long. What's his e-mail address so I can chastise him. :) 

Anyways, that's about all I've got to say today. Actually there is one more thing. You probably are well aware that Mothers Day is coming up. You know what that means! You get some free chocolate after sacrament meeting! As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "Lucky!" Oh yeah, also we get to Skype. :) Elder Cortez and I are planning on using the computer at the church to do it. We are allowed to Skype on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. The best time for me would be Saturday morning around 10:00 a.m. That'd make it about 8:00 Friday night for you. Does that seem okay? It'll be fun on Saturday because I'll have a baptism later that afternoon. Hopefully that all works out for you, but if not, we can message more about it next week. :) I love you and can't wait to actually talk to you. E-mailing is fine, but sometimes it's difficult when the shift button doesn't like to be pushed. :) 

Anywho, I love you and I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of school! Mahal kita!!!

Elder Rob

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