Friday, April 28, 2017

I have a new violin...It's a Bach festival miracle.

Hello world.

This week was pretty neat. I'm officially 18 months old in the mission now. If I were a girl I'd be going home next week, but I'm not a girl, so I won't be going home next week. I get to wait until October instead. :) It is weird that my sister batch is leaving though. weird na weird talaga! [weird, really wierd!]

Last week was really busy! We left to go to Puerto last Tuesday morning and didn't come back until Thursday night. Tuesday was our interviews with President Ostler. While we were waiting for our turn we all watched The Go-Getter. It's a really good movie that is super inspiring to work hard and do your best all the time. I think it's President's favorite because he has the whole mission watch it about every 4 or 5 months. I’ve seen it almost 5 times now. :) It's a good one though. You should find it and watch it if you haven't already. And if you already have seen it, watch it again. :) 

On Wednesday was zone conference, so that was almost an all day thing. Elder Cortez sang the "Savior Redeemer of my Soul" song. I think that some spirits even joined in while we were singing.The spirits of old 95 year old men who died of lung cancer. hahaha Just kidding. We didn't sound half bad. I worked with the Puerto elders after the conference and helped them find a bunch of new investigators. It was fun. We found a couple of good potential families for them to teach. 

On Thursday was our district coordination where we told the district president all about the things going on here in Roxas and Taytay districts. After than we headed home and got back around 10:00. That's a lot better than times in the past. Once it was about 11:30. 

That's fun you went to Long Beach California. One of the couple missionaries here, Elder and Sister Adduru are from there. They are Filipino, but have been there for lots of years. They're super nice! 

I'm glad to hear that the Bach festival survived another year without me. I guess it's not much of a surprise though. Bach was remembered hundreds of years before I even existed. My not being there was probably just an inconvenience. Sort of like microwaves. Humans existed for centuries without microwaves, but now that we have them it's hard to get by without. I would know. :) But speaking of the Bach festival, one more significant thing happened in Puerto last week. We were in the mall buying some socks for Elder Cortez when all of a sudden, there was this violin sitting up on the shelf. It was really shiny and caught my gaze. Later that day I told sister Ostler about it and to make a long story short, I have a new violin at my apartment right now. Technically it's the mission's violin, but I can use it while I'm here on Palawan. Cool eh? It's a Bach Festival miracle. I was even able to perform last Saturday at a baptism. I played the "I like to look for rainbows" song. It wasn't Bach, but hey! I don't think things like that just happen by coincidence. This was destiny! Maybe Bach made a special request for me up there because he knew that I would be missing out on his birthday party. It's cool when things like that happen!!! This is right up there with the Crest toothpaste miracle a couple weeks ago. :)

So yeah. That about sums up all my goings on here in Palawan. The work goes on. We should be having a baptism the first week of May, so that's exciting. He's Jomar, the oldest Rublez kid who all just got baptized a few weeks ago. All is well in Roxas! Roxas prospereth. All is well!

Mahal ko kayo. have a nice week!

Elder Fawson

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