Monday, April 17, 2017

Saw my first wild monkey and my new shoes fit perfectly. SALAMAT!

Hello everybody!!!

That's super cool you went to see the Lamb of God performance. Do you
remember before my mission when you got in the van and it started
singing opera-ish music about Jesus? That was the Lamb of God. If you
don't remember that, then that's okay. It's one of the things we're
allowed to listen to, so I listen to it probably like 3 times a week
while working out in the morning. There's nothing like doing sit-ups
while Lazarus is being brought back to life!

Elder Fawson's workout soundtrack!
That's awesome you have names to take to the temple. I've been having
an increased desire to do family history when I get home. Also that's
fun that Jessica was there. I haven't heard anything about her in
quite a while. Is she planning on getting married any time soon? hahaha

It's a bummer I wasn't there to dye any eggs with everyone! They could
have used another creative mind over there. It's a good thing Heidi
was there to help! I think this is the second Easter in my entire life
I haven't eaten any hard boiled eggs. We didn't have any time
yesterday to do it. We were super busy doing missionary things.

One of our recent converts was super sick for the last few days. She
was actually in the Hospital for a few days last week so we went there
to give her a blessing. The hospital is in the most inconvenient place
ever. To get there it's like 2 kilometers out of town down this bumpy
dirt road into the mountains. They didn't think that out very clearly
in my opinion. She was feeling better on Sunday so she came to church,
but then after the second hour she felt sick again and they went home
early. She seemed okay when we went there that evening though, so that
was good!

We also found this super cool new investigator. The oldest son of the
family we baptized a few weeks ago brought a friend to church 2 weeks
ago, and that friend, Vincent, is now being taught by the missionaries
in the other area. He's going to be baptized next month. Last Friday
while walking down the road Vincent saw us and told us go go over
there, so we did and he introduced us to his friend, Emily. She is
like 27 years old and really wants to know about the plan of
salvation. It's like a super awesome chain of referrals. Also Emily
has a boyfriend that she wants us to meet as well. So yeah. We had a
really good first lesson with Emily last night and I'm having high
hopes for her! :)

Mom, I think your prayers of me not getting attacked by evil demon
spiders is working. This morning I was doing the dishes and
accidentally bumped the permetherin (crazy powerful bug killer) off
the shelf and it broke the lid off and about 1/3 of the bottle spilled
onto the ground. After mopping it up and shwooshing it out the door I
came back after a few minutes and saw about 5 dead insects on the
ground drowning in it. I don't think any spiders are coming around
that any time soon. :)

We went to Taytay on Saturday to do a baptismal interview over there
for a kid named Billyboy. It's like a 2 hour shuttle ride away so we
had hardly any time to work that day. We just left in the morning
around 8:00, I did the interview, then came back right afterward and
got back at about 1:30. It was really long, but totally worth it for 2
reasons. 1st and foremost, Billyboy passed and will be baptized on
Saturday. The 2nd was what I saw on the way there. There was something
in the road and the shuttle driver honked at it. I thought it was just
a dog or something, but what I saw run out of the way wasn't a dog at
all. It was a monkey! That's the first wild monkey I've ever laid eyes
on. It was super cool. I only saw hem for about 4 seconds, but he was
super cute! Heidi, feel free to be jealous! :)

I'm a little ahead of you in the Book of Mormon. Alma 26 was so 2 days
ago. hahaha I'm in Alma 31 now. Korihor is crazy! I won't tell you
anything else so I don't ruin it for you, but you're in for a treat!

Anywho, That's what I'm up to these days. Next weeks going to be
crazy. Tomorrow we're going to Puerto for interviews, Wednesday is our
zone conference in Puerto too, and Thursday is District coordination
in Puerto as well. Basically we won't be working in our area until
Friday. Rough stuff, but it's all okay. We'll figure something out!
Having a bunch of new pairs of socks will definitely help!!! Not to
mention some smarties to munch on on the way. :) That's right. I got
my package!!!!!!! We're going to bake some brownies some time. Maybe
not today because we're crazy busy this week, but it will definitely
happen soon! :) My new shoes fit perfectly too. SALAMAT! SALAMAT!
MARAMING SALAMAT TALAGA!!! [Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much!!!]

That about sums it up. Mahal ko kayo!!!

Elder Fawson

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