Wednesday, April 12, 2017

People want to poke my big nose all the time...It's really weird, actually.

Magandang tanghali! [Good afternoon!] That's what I said to a little girl earlier today while walking to the computer shop. She was walking on the side of the road, looked at me, then tripped on a rock and almost fell. I felt sort of sorry for her. haha It was just another nice reminder of my abnormalness here in the Philippines. haha

Before I forget, thanks for knowing my card was close to expiration. I just have a mindset that everything is like sardines, because "sardines never go bad." That's what I told Elder Cortez this morning as he threw away a half eaten can of them that had been in the fridge for almost 3 months now. Apparently debit cards are an exception to the rule and mine will last until June, 2017. You are so on top of things Mom. Salamat!

General conference was really great! The new temple being built in the Philippines is within our mission boundaries, so that means when it's done we won't have to all the way to Quezon City anymore. That'll be nice!!! I really liked Mark Palmer's talk too. I don't remember partying with him on his house boat, but I do remember enjoying listening to his accent. Whenever I here Australians speak I always think of when Dad tries to do it. hahaha I don't have my notes with me at the moment and can't remember exactly what he said, but I do remember what President Uchtdorf said about having sunshine in our souls. That's really one of my favorite hymns! It's really true that even if our lives aren't going the greatest that we can still be happy if Jesus is our light. Also I really loved the guy who talked Sunday morning and said "don't look around, look up!" If you look around you'll just see all the unfairness and crazy kwan of the world, but if you look up you can see the positiveness. You can have faith that Heavenly Father will help in all our lives. We can trust in the promise that "all the unfairness about life can be made right through the atonement (Preach My Gospel)." True story!

This week is Holy Week. Filipinos take Holy Week really seriously. Last year I was in my first area in Makati and it was crazy. Every single street corner had some karaoke going, lots of partying and I even heard rumors that someone got crucified in Tondo. (I'm glad I'm not assigned over there right now!) I don't know all the traditions and stuff about it, but I do know someone who does. His name is Google. Just as the scriptures and the Holy Ghost can give us answers to our spiritual and moral questions of the soul, Google too "giveth to all man liberally and upbraideth not." But let him ask with good internet connection. :) 

Say "Happy birthday" to Joseph for me and remind him that I still haven't forgotten that one time he got a cup of lemonade for me all those years ago. :)

I do have one more thing to say before I end mine epistle. A few days ago after I was done exercising in the morning I looked at my bed and saw a mammoth spider on the wall. I was afraid to mess with him lest he crawl all over my bed and hide underneath it or something, so I just kept an eye on him all morning. He didn't move one bit. The scary thing is that when it was time to leave I forgot about him and when we got back that evening he was gone. It took me a long time to fall asleep that night as I wondered where the spider was. We never saw him again until this morning he was hiding behind our couch. Elder Cortez took action and slurped him up with the vacuum. He really was huge though. His leg span was like the size of the palm of my hand. They were thick hairy legs too. I snagged a photo of him but I still don't know why the computer won't show my photos. I can look at them on our portable DVD player but not on the computer. Very mysterious. Anyways, the spider is gone and I am still alive. YAY

mammoth spider!!!

People say all the time to me, "ang tangos ng ilong mo!!!" [you have a big nose!!!] then they want to poke it. It's really weird actually. So, you can all know what to expect if you ever come to live in the Philippines. haha 

Hopefully the water is all fixed up at the farm! Our water wasn't working for a few hours yesterday morning. It's a good thing I've learned to be scanty with my bathing water! haha It's definitely a nice skill to have! Say hi to everyone for me! Mahal ko kayo at ang lahat ng inyong mga matangos na ilong. :) [I love you and all of your noses.]

I hope you all have a great week! Ingat!

Elder Fawson

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