Monday, June 12, 2017

MASIKIP!!! Elder Fawson knees are not Filipino knees.

Where is the leg room?

Bus Stop in Roxas

Hello everyone!

This week has been super crazy and masikip! [crowded!] Crazy because we had to go to Puerto not once, but two times! Masikip because the shuttles we ride in to get to Puerto are built for Filipinos. Elder Fawson knees are not Filipino knees! Don't worry though. I survived and both trips were super awesome once we got there! The first trip was for zone conference. We learned how to use family history more effectively in our finding and got some sweet new tools to do it. Everyone has their My Family booklet. Mine is all done and is lookin' prime! I have lots of good pictures that I snagged off the There's lots of cool stuff on there! I wish I had more time to explore the realms of my ancestors. I'll just have to magtiis [suffer] until I get home. It's pretty exciting stuff though!!! Also I finally got the long awaited OYMing umbrella. To bad it hasn't rained enough for me to have to use it yet. Don't worry though. I'm sure it'll happen soon and when it does, I'll be sure to tell you all about it. :)

The other trip to Puerto was for a Philippines area broadcast. President Lynn G. Robbins, President Bowen, Elder Ardern, Sister Oscarsen, and Elder Bednar were the speakers. It was super great! If it's on you should definitely watch it. It was really cool because all of almost all of them have recently been here so they were able to share about their experiences they had. Elder Ardern was here for 5 years in the area presidency, President Bowen is still here as the area President, then sister Oscarsen and Elder Bednar both came here and visited the Philippines within the last 6 months. They had some really great talks!!! Believe it!

It was sort of baliktad [reverse]. When Heidi and Dad went to Lake Powell on Monday they had no hot showers, but I did!!!!!!!!! When we went for zone conference we stayed in a hotel the night before and it was glorious!!! I just thought I should make known that observation. I haven't had even a lukewarm shower in the last year and a half. I don't expect it'll happen again until the day I can do it when I get home. Then I can dry my warm roasty toes on the cool frog mat on the bathroom floor. That'll be a day to look forward to. :)

So that's basically what I've been up to this week. There is one thing I forgot to say last week. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!! I actually didn't forget, but didn't know until it was too late. Sometimes I just don't hear important world events like that. It sort of weirds me out sometimes, but what ever. 

Mahal ko kayong lahat!!! Have a nice week!

Elder Fawson

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