Monday, June 19, 2017

We had been "tao po"ing every single house up this road and everyone was not being very nice...

Hello everybody!

This is Elder Uncle Rob, reporting in. It's so cool that Claire had her baby! Margot is a nice name. I'm trying to think. If she was born at 1:40pm, Thursday, then at that time I was in a lesson with a new investigator we had just OYMed. It was crazy! We had been "Tao po"ing [knock knocking] every single house up this road and everyone was not being very nice. they were all like, "Iglesia kami" (They're from Iglesia ni Cristo church), or they would just pretend not to hear us as they turned up the volume on the TV. Then out of nowhere we saw this ate outside and we were just like, "Hi Ate!" then she ran inside. We were like, "Oh. okay." Then the dad came out and was like "Pasok kayo!" [Enter it!] so we went inside and talked to them. They are from Ilo-ilo and his aunt is Mormon. He and his wife are so nice! The guy’s work is he takes care of a bunch of chickens. 2,500 to be exact! Then he has a friend who has 2,500 more! It's super crazy! They are the ones who supply all of Roxas with their chicken consumption needs. I'm pretty sure they're going to get baptized! And when we do, we'll party with a bunch of lechon manok! [roasted chicken!] MMMM BOY!

Another fun thing that happened was last Monday after I finished e-mailing you. We went and walked around the beach next to our house for about an hour looking for fun creatures and we found a bunch of crabs. Then we also found a lot of star fish. One of them was huge. He was as big as my face!!! He was cool. It was orange and had spikes on him. Sort of like a Bowzer star fish. Then as we were leaving I saw a little creature so I got a closer look and it was like a deformed shrimp of some sort. He was crazy! He had his shell thing on his head instead of his back and was super creepy lookin'. It was a fun adventure. We're going back later today too.

The zone leaders and sister training leaders practiced OYMing using the umbrellas and pass along cards. The umbrellas say Families Can Be Forever in Tagalog and help start conversations about families.
This Wednesday is my last zone conference with President Ostler. I'll probably never see him again after that for the rest of my mission. It’ll be way fun though. I'm excited to meet President Fermanis! I hear he's super awesome! However, the Ostler's will be greatly missed. 
Final Zone Conference on Palawan with President and Sister Ostler

I don't have a lot of stuff to talk about today. I saw a guy earlier that looked like he got some blue cotton candy dropped on his head because the top was bright blue, but the sides were still black. He looked pretty doofy! :)

Anyways, all is going well here. I'm exited to find another huge star fish. I'll bring my camera this time so you can have some photo documentation of the cool mga hayop [animals] I see later. :) Bye for now!

Elder Fawson

Here's some pictures of when Roxas ward was organized. No one told us they were taking the photo so Elder Tanner and I aren't in it, but it looks like everyone else is. :)

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