Sunday, December 4, 2016

Spiritual gifts are sort of like Pokemon's stats.

Hello everyone! 

You will be pleased to know that it has now been 1 year and 2 days since the day I left the MTC. It's weird. before I could say, "One year ago I was at home asleep on my bed with Mylo sleeping on my feet." or something to that effect, but now when I say "One year ago, I was..." it's always about me doing missionary stuff. Speaking of me doing missionary stuff, I'll be having a baptism on December 24th, so that's super awesome!!! Then I'll have another one on the 27th. I'm super duper excited!!! I told brother Julius (the one for the 27th) that I'll maybe be transferred on the 28th, so he wanted me to baptize him, but he has to come to church 4 times in a row first, so if he misses just 1 week, I may not be able to witness his baptism. Usually baptisms are on a Saturday, but he was willing to do it on a Tuesday just for me. :) I'm super excited!!

I went to the temple last Saturday. I didn't go inside, but some of the sisters in my district had some recent converts going to do baptisms for the dead for the first time, and the ward had organized a trip, so Elder Santos and I brought an investigator, brother Sean (the one for the 24th) with us and showed him around the grounds of the temple and were able to teach him all about it. He had a really good time and seemed to understand how important the temple is even he's only 13 years old. He's super cool!!! I'll send a photo of us there so you can see him with your very own eyeballs. I think you'd like that. :)

Also I got a super small hymn book so that I can have a hymn book in my bag with me all the time now. I've seen other missionaries that have them, and now I finally have one of my own. I didn't take a photo of that though. Maybe next week I'll treat you with a glance at it. :) I wouldn't want to overload your minds with so many awesome pictures. There must be temperance in all things. Last week was special. Kind of like an annual photo feast of some sort. :) Tomorrow will be #316, The Lord is my Shepherd. [December 5th]

That's cool you have a lesson about spiritual gifts coming up. I love that topic. I actually just taught a district meeting about that a few weeks ago. If you want to use a great Pokemon analogy, spiritual gifts are sort of like Pokemon's stats. Each Pokemon has stats that are naturally higher, and some that are lower. For example. A Geodude has high defense (because it's a rock), but low speed (because it's a rock). A Chansey has crazy high HP, but super crappy attack. Note: Magicarp just sucks all around, so maybe he's not the best example for this. :) Through hard training and a lot of time, you can train your Pokemon to become stronger. We too have "stats" or spiritual gifts of things that we are naturally good at. For example, Elder Fawson is super patient, kind, and friendly, but not very organized. Heidi on the other hand is really funny, and smart, but not good in conversation, and not patient (she punches people in the braces when they don't want to go upstairs and get her an apple). Through trials, and living the gospel, our gifts get stronger, and we can even work on those weaker points of ourselves to make those alright too. See Ether 12:27. Good analogy, eh? I taught all my district about Pokemon and how to do effective training. :)

I'm super excited for this week because it's the Mission tour. If you remember last year Elder Bowen of the Philippines area presidency came and talked to the whole mission, it will be happening again, but this year it'll be Elder Haynie, also of the area presidency. I really like him. He spoke to us while I was in the MTC once, and I think he's gonna be an Apostle someday. I'll tell you all about it next week. So yeah, all is well, and I forgive you for not E-mailing me last week. I only got one e-mail from people at home, and it was from Anna. Go give her a prize of some sort. She deserves it!!!

Ingat kayo!!! Mahal ko kayong lahat!!! [take care!!! I love you all!!!!]

Elder Fawson

In response to a photo of Mila and Evelyn at the park...
Meron ako ang dalawang pinakamagandang pamangking sa buong mundo! Grabe ang laki nila!!! Noon umalis ako, maliit pa si Eevee. Astig!!! ["I have the 2 cutest nieces in the world. Wow, they're so big! Before I left Eevee was still small! SWEET!!!]

In response to a picture of Sam on Thanksgiving...
May kulan ang plate ni Sam ng karne, pero I can't judge, kasi may kulan ang mukha ko ng buhok!! :) hahaha Astig ang balbas mo, Sam!!! [Sam's plate is lacking some meat, but I can't judge, 'cause my face is lacking some hair! haha]

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