Monday, November 28, 2016

We had a font load of baptisms last Saturday.

Helo sa lahat ng mga magbabasa ng e-mail na ito!
[Hello to all my readers of email!]

Generational photo: This is my satay [dad] , me, and my anak [child] all at the same time. It's also the last time I saw Elder Lindaya and there's a good chance I'll never see him ever again in real person in this life. Rough stuff!

This week was super awesome! Wanna know why? Of course you do. Because my district had a font load of baptisms last Saturday. We had 4 investigators stop being investigators and start being full-fledged members of the church. That's why this week was super awesome. I wasn't the one to baptize any of them, but I did play a vital role none-the-less because our Ward Mission Leader was late so I, using my district leaderly authority, conducted the baptismal service. It was a really neat experience! I am really lucky to be able to interview people before their baptisms. I get to hear their conversion stories and how much they have had to sacrifice in order to become a member of the church, and also how much their lives have been blessed already. The church is true just in case any of you were wondering. :)
Good times two weeks ago. This is my old district just before the last transfer day. 

I also have some other good news for you. I got a new watch. It's super cool and yellow and only a hundred pesos (like 2 dollars). I must admit it is probably one of the best investments I've made my whole mission. I'll send you a picture, along with some photos of a super clean wall and ceiling that I cleaned for a service project last week. I'm quite pleased with my ability to "[clean] where no man has [cleaned] before!"

Service, you gotta love it! This is my current district at the service project where I made that wall super clean. :) 

Grabe ang linis!!! [The heavy cleaning!!!] Just look at that wall! Spotless without blemish!

I am not so pleased to inform you that I didn't have such a great Thanksgiving feast as I was hoping for. You see, the package Elder Zesiger received did have all the stuff for a nice Thanksgiving Marienda, but I guess his family forgot that Turkey microwave dinners require a microwave. That is a luxury we just can't afford. It was quite the disappointment, but it wasn't a complete loss. There was a little bag of candy corn that we shared, so that was nice. 

I think that I will not say a lot more in this e-mail, but I will send lots of photos that I've been slacking off on from sending for the last few weeks. How does that sound. I am really happy though and lovin' life here in the Philippines!

This is Laurabel who I told you about how she had cancer, then we gave her a priesthood blessing and now she doesn't have cancer. She's super cool and likes to feed us pizza. :) Now she just needs to start coming to church! 

Declare the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and cardboard person
I'm just teaching this Mang Inasal guy about the restoration. He has a small concern about his baptism though. If he gets too wet he will get all soppy and die daw. He's like a super hydrophobic or something. :)

Mahal ko kayo!!!

Elder Fawson

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