Monday, November 14, 2016

Grabe ang kapangyarihan ng diyos!!!! Totoo pala ang priesthood! translation: The power of God is serious!!!!! The priesthood is true!

Hello everyone! 

This week has been most tranquil! Elder Belayro and I have had so many lessons I can't even count them on all of my hands and feet. Maybe if I was that one giant from the Old Testament who had 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot, then I could, but I'm not him, so I can't. He is cool though. I think he was related to Goliath. I don't remember off the top of my head where you could find him, but I'm sure if you were to read all of 2nd Samuel, until Chronicles you'd find his name and all that. 

2 Samuel 21:20
I'm reading the Old Testament straight through right now, so I'm learning a lot of new stuff. Did you know that people got athletes foot even back then? (Tell Sam to watch out. In 2nd Chronicles 16:12, someone died from it!) Also in 2nd Chronicles 21:18 someone contracted an incurable bowel disease which sounds a lot like cancer to me. He died too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAELA!!!!! It really is your birthday for me at this very second. :) I would give you something super awesome, or cook you a nice fancy Filipino dish of Hot Silog, but I'm on the complete other side of the world, and I think it's not very easy to send a plate of rice with an egg and a hot dog on it through the mail. you'll just have to wait 'til I get home. I guess I could whip you up some adobong aso too if Mylo survives that long. JOKLANG! I would never. But I definitely could make some Adobong manok for ya. :)

I went on exchanges last Saturday with Elder Zesiger because he's my zone leader, and it was really fun! We see each other quite often now considering the fact that we live in the same house. :) We found lots of new investigators, and some of them even accepted a baptismal date. 

It's not getting very cold here. I guess as you are shivering in the car on your way to work you can think of me, pinapawisan ng mga talon mula sa mga kili-kili ko [sweating falls from my armpits]. :) hahaha I actually do get super cold every Sunday during church. Filipinos go a bit crazy on the Air-con here and turn it down to 16 degrees Celsius. That's too cold!!! It's hard to have a soft heart receptive to spiritual promptings when it is super matigas [tough] due to being frozen solid. di ba? [right?]

That's super cool about your job promotion. I'm getting one too. I'm going to be an AP starting tomorrow. Pretty cool eh?

I'm glad to know the turtles are doing fine. I guess the real test for their well-being is about to begin as the pond starts freezing over again. It's amazing how they can just survive stuff like that! 

About me taking candy from strangers, rarely is candy offered to me (except on Saturday we went to an investigator and he gave me a bunch of Kit Kats, so that was a nice treat!) but I am often one of those strangers that gives candy to children. Sometimes I just see them and say, "kumusta kuya. Gusto mo bang kendi?" (How are ya bro. Want some candy?) It makes them really happy! Then I get happy too. It's a good thing children aren't like mice. Because if you give a mouse some candy, he'll want some soft drinks to go with it. :)

I'm super bummed about yesterday because we didn't have any investigators at church. All of them had other things going on. Then one of our less-actives who was so close to come all of a sudden had to go to the hospital because her little brother got in a motorcycle accident. Her name is Laurabel. He is super awesome. She actually moved from Elder Zesiger’s last area, and they both moved to Las Pinas at about the same time which was a crazy awesome miracle. When we met her she told us she has cancer, and only 2 years to live. At the end of our lesson we gave her a priesthood blessing that she would get better, and just last Saturday, Elder Zesiger and I went to her house and she fed us pizza, then told us that she went to a different doctor, got some tests done and her cancer came up negative. Now she doesn't have cancer anymore. How crazy is that? Grabe ang kapangyarihan ng diyos!!!! Totoo pala ang  priesthood! [The power of God is serious!!!! the priesthood is true!]

That's the things that I did this week. Tomorrow Elder Belayro goes to Chile, I become AP, and it's gonna be crazy!

Mahal kita!!!

Elder Fawson

P.S. I'm only AP for a day, because I won't have an assigned companion until Wednesday, but it's still fun to say I'm the AP. Technically I guess it's more like AAP. Assistant to the assistant to the president. :)

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