Monday, December 19, 2016

"I've met people like you before"


Sorry I'm a bit later than today than usual. Elder Santos felt super pangit [ugly-says Google translate- haha] earlier, so we couldn't leave the house. He's doing a little better now though. Still not great, but better. 

While I was sitting at my desk earlier reading Jesus the Christ (that's what I do when I'm bored these days. Being a missionary is cool.), and I thought to myself, I've got the rumblies in my tumbly. I've got to eat. I went to the fridge, and it was almost empty, because I didn't go shopping yet today. I have to eat something though! I opened my snack drawer of my desk to see if I had any emergency food left. My Choco Muchos were all gone, and all that was left was one pack of Pancit Canton.
Basically it's like Ramen noodles that you cook, drain all the water, and stir it into some soy sauce, and oil. It's actually super tasty! And all there was to eat. I cooked it up, fried up a little bit of corned beef I found in the fridge that had been almost finished, then forgotten about by Elder Cortez last week, and covered it up in A1 sauce that has been there since before me. The A1 sauce doesn't go bad until 2018, so that was good. It was pretty fun. I felt like Grandpa at the farm. "What should we have for lunch? How 'bout some ground beef. Lets crack a few eggs in there. That'd be fun. Ah. Saltines. mmmm." haha It was really fun. I learned more than just sprinklers and cows working at the farm all last summer. Thanks Grandpa!!!

I have a baptism this Saturday, so that's super awesome. It's Brother Sean, the one who went to the temple with us a few weeks ago. He's super awesome!! Brother Julius on the other hand is going to have to wait until January because he came to church yesterday just after sacrament meeting ended. It's a super bummer!!! Hopefully I don't get transferred, so I can baptize him and his daughter. Then they'll be a completed family! I'm super excited for them!!! Hopefully I'm still here though. I'll know on the 26th, or 27th if I'll get transferred! The anticipation is super intense! hahaha

One of our New Investigators this week is this guy named George. We were looking for this part-member family we found in our area book, and were asking people all around, and we came across this old man standing outside his house. I went up and asked if he new this family and he said, "No, but I've met people like you before." He told us about how the missionaries used to teach him a couple years ago, and he even showed us his Aklat ni Mormon. I think we were guided to this guy. We were able to teach him, answer some of his questions, and get a return appointment, so I think it's going to go really well with him! 

I made up a new game to play at my apartment the other day. After daily planning one day I was sitting at my desk and had a sudden urge to climb through the bars of the stair banister. I have a video of Elder Zesiger doing it too. Hopefully it can send! I actually can't figure out how to send videos, so I'll just have to show you in like 10 months when I get home. :) hahaha Maybe I'll send you a picture of me in in the process of climbing through so you can have a more clear image of my genius. Next week na lang. haha 

So yeah. All is well! I'm just here in the Philippines... as a missionary... and can speak a foreign language. "Life is good." Mahal ko kayong lahat! [I love you all]

Elder Fawson

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