Monday, August 1, 2016

cold burned rice for dinner with some spam. Count your many blessings! :)

Helo! You may be thinking right now, "Hah! He forgot the second 'l' in
'hello'. What a nitwit!" but actually, that's just how you spell it in
Tagalog. I testify to you this day, I'm no nitwit! :)

I had a super awesome week this week. It didn't wiz on by like yours,
but that's good, because it means I got to savor it more. :) We had
loads of OYMs, lessons, new investigators, and to top it all off, a
family sealed in the temple, and a baptism.

We really did rock our OYMs this week, and it really paid off
resulting in 6 new investigators. 3 of them are 7th Day Adventist like
that nice preacher who gave us yummy carrots, and all they wanted to
do was argue about how Saturday is the Sabbath, but we resisted to
bible bash their brains in, and just bore some powerful testimony
about Jesus Christ and stuff. Probably they won't progress, but who
knows. Faith is a powerful thing! The other three are a nice family
that lives really close to some members. They were investigators like
8 years ago, and are really nice. Probably they will progress. I don'y
have a lot to say about them yet, 'cause we've only met them once. :)

The family that went to the temple is a super awesome family. Tatay
was baptized about 2 years ago, and they finally were able to make the
trip to be sealed. They had a wonderful experience at the temple and
are all super happy! 6 of them were able to be sealed together for
time and all eternity. It's sort of a big deal!

Our baptism on Saturday was awesome!!! Her name is Sister Armalyn. She
was pretty much already prepared for the gospel before we started
teaching her. Every time we taught her a new principle she instantly
applied it. The word of wisdom, keeping the sabbath day holy,
everything. After we taught her the Law of Chastity she got new
clothes that would be more modest. Yesterday we went to teach her and
follow up with how she's doing after being confirmed and stuff and she
told us she wants to serve a mission too! It was so cool!!! Maybe
someday you can see some pictures of her baptism. hahaha

That's so fun you had youth conference last week. Those were always
fun! Sorry that Golden Coral wasn't all that you hoped, but it could
be worse! I had cold burned rice for dinner with some spam.
hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Count your many blessings! :)

Tell Isaiah "Hi" for me! Also, what day is his birthday? I know it's
this month, but I forgot which day. Someone else's birthday was coming
up too, but I can't remember who is was. hmmmm..... ah basta. [whatever]

JOKE LANG!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!!! Matandang matanda ka na! [Old, you are old!]
Probably it'll be a super boring without me, but do try to enjoy it
anyways. "Everything must be perfect for my [Heidi's] special day!"
(What's that from?)

map showing Rob's house in relation to the church and Aborlan.

Invitation that we just received in the mail inviting us to come to church with him on Easter. The map was on the back. That is how long it takes to get a letter from him! haha Thank goodness for email!

I'm glad my letter made it safe and sound, and I hope to see you at
church on of these days! haha The main reason I sent those was for the
little map on the back so you can see sort of what my area looks like.
Life was a lot more complicated in Makati, that's for sure!!! The
sticky stuff really isn't that great here. I still have my companion
lick the envelope for me. :) hahaha
[When his letters arrive they are always falling apart and the post office tapes the envelopes back together so the contents do not fall out.]

So yeah. That's all the stuff that happened this week. All in all,
life rocks, and so do mountains. Mahal ko kayo!!! Ingat!!!

Elder Fawson

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