Monday, August 22, 2016

Follow the advice of the Happy Mask Salesman...

Hello mom and family and anyone else who wants me to say hi to them!

I’m sort of annoyed right now because I just typed this entire e-mail
and then there was an internet problem and so now I am doing it all
over again. It didn’t even save in my drafts. Lame!!!

Several crazy things happened this week. One of them is not super
happy so I’ll say it first and get it over with. One of our
progressing investigators totally dropped us. We went to her house to
teach her and she came out and wouldn’t even talk to us. I don’t get
why. It was really awkward. She just sat down and stared into the
distance. It was her sister-in-law that said she didn’t want to listen
to us anymore. It was a super bummer, but understandable considering
the fact that she is only 14. Hopefully someday she will be baptized.
Her brother is our branch mission leader, so she has support.

Hint for those who won't understand the Pokemon reference below...

The next was an awesome miracle. One of our recent convert’s BCR
(baptism/confirmation record) went missing and so we were sent to make
a new one. It had to be done by Saturday and we were just told
Thursday night. It’s not really hard to fill out, but the problem was
getting in contact with the person. She lives farther away than 'Far
Far Away' from Shrek, and trikes are super hard to find to go there.
Harder than Ash’s Metapod. We’ve tried to go there a few times the
past few weeks, but she’s never been home and it was a huge waste of
time ‘cause then we have to walk like 2 hours back. The miracle is
that right as we arrived at the terminal, we saw sister Gladis, the
person who we were going to’s daughter. It just turns out that Gladis
is going home for the weekend and also a trike was just leaving to go
there in like 5 minutes. We usually have to wait forever to get a
trike there, but not this time. Every thing worked out perfect to get
the BCR filled out and she and Gladis went to church for the first
time in a couple months. 
Filipino Trike
Miracles do happen these days just like Moroni says. You just have to follow the advice of the Happy Mask Salesman and “have faith. Hm hm hm hm hm hm hm” If you have faith, you
will not meet with a terrible fate at the last day. That’s a promise from me to you.

Heidi had to tell Steve and I who the Happy Mask Salesman was...she was able to rub her hands together and do the crazy laugh represented by Robert's Hm hm hm... She declined the opportunity to be recorded and featured on the blog demonstrating the line from Zelda. hahaha I'm not sure how our kids turned out this weird???

The last crazy thing actually was just this morning. It was during
companion study and Elder Corpuz was practice-teaching me about
baptism when the phone meowed (our text tone is a cat). It was
President Ostler. He said I am being transferred to Pamplona ward,
Paranaque West Zone. Not only that, but I’m district leader too! I
guess President Ostler recognized I was such an outstanding house
mouse and thought I could handle being district leader. I’m sort of
nervous, and feel like I don’t have the leadership skills needed, but
I will do my best, and I know that Heavenly Father will help me too.
So yeah.

 I’m gonna miss Aborlan!!! And all the crazy people too. Just the
other day there was this crazy guy walking around with a 5 piso coin
in his ear. I think he forgot his headphones and so he put 5 pisos in
there instead. Hahaha Filipinos are funny!

That’s so awesome you are almost done with the Book of Mormon again.
Something President Demille said to me before my mission was to pray
about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon at least once a week,
and that each time you do, the Holy Ghost will tell you again and
again that it’s true and that each time you do, you testimony will get
stronger and stronger with each witness. You should do that too. It’s
helped me a lot. Alam ko na totoo Ang Aklat ni Mormon.  I know it’s
true in english too! Haha

I definitely will keep enjoying my exotic food. Just this morning our
elders quorum president came to our house during companion study I
opened the door. "Ah. Kamusta po president Ayade?" Then he held up a
plastic bag and was like, "Squid!" hahaha He gave us a bag of squid to
eat for dinner. He's so nice! WE'RE HAVING SQUID TONIGHT! hahaha

Mahal ko kayong lahat!!!

Elder Fawson

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