Monday, August 15, 2016

Cross Country was just as much mission prep as going to mission prep every Sunday.

Hello again everybody! I just remembered some other things I wanted to
share with you. :)

I had an ingrown toenail the other day. It has been hurting when I
walk for about a week, so I showed it to Elder Call and he was all
like, "I know what to do! The same thing happened to me a few months
ago." He had me heat up some water so it was really hot but not
boiling and then let my foot soak in the water for like 20 minutes or
so. That way it can soften the toenail and also sort of numb the foot
so it doesn't hurt as much in the next step. After soaking my foot I
began to conduct the surgery. I had my handy dandy toenail clippers
and little metal thing to pry up the toenail out from the side of my
toe. It was definitely not a super comfy ordeal. It took sort of a
long time, but I was finally able to get the toenail lifted up and
clipped. the worst part was after I was done. I had been sitting on a
chair and bending over for almost a half hour during surgery, and when
I sat up I started to have a bad case of the dizzies like what happens
when you stand up too fast and your vision gets all blurry and
splotchy. Then I was super dizzy and my eyes were open, but the black
splotchies were everywhere and I couldn't see a thing. Then I was
resting my head on the table with everyone standing around me asking
me if I was okay. It was crazy. I can only remember passing out like 3
times before that. Once when we were on a hike in Zion, once at a
sleepover at the Durrant’s house with Isaiah, and the other was at
Wilsons house when I fell on the rocking chair and bashed a hole in
the wall. haha It was crazy!

I had a fun dream too a few night ago. I dreamt that I was still on
my mission and it was sacrament meeting and Uncle Brad was the bishop.
Then Mom came in and was all like, "Robert, I came to visit you!" and
I was all like "Mom, that's bawal [forbidden]. You aren't allowed to do that." and
then Joseph Smith was one of the speakers at sacrament meeting. How
cool is that? hahaha I just remembered that that's not the first time
I've had a dream with Joseph Smith. One time, years ago I had a dream
that Joseph and I were jelly fishing like in Spongebob, but we weren't
in Bikini Bottom. We were in the back yard. It's weird how dreams just
come to your mind at random times. Anywho, alam ko na si Joseph Smith
ang totoong propeta and na nakita siya talaga ang ating ama sa langit
at si Jesucristo. Totoo iyan!  [Anywho , I know that Joseph Smith was a
 true prophet and that he actually saw our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ . That’s true!]

I can't wait to see Mila and Eevee again. Hopefully Mila still remembers me. Eevee probably won't, but Mila hopefully remembers the positive influence I've had on her life. haha They sound really fun!

It hasn't rained much here this week. It is way cooler when it
rains, and really uncomfortable when there aren't any clouds in the
sky to block out the sun. I think that cross country was just as much
mission prep as going to mission prep every Sunday. hahaha Everyone is
always like, "Ahh mainit [hot]!!!" and I'm just like, "Oo. Pero mas mainit
na tumakbol sa Southern Utah 'pag 108* [It’s even hotter than this in Southern Utah]." haha

Robert and Ryan at mission prep in 2012 :)

I have a story about a Lion and 2 people too.
It's about faith.

2 people are traveling in Africa and a huge super hungry lion comes
and starts running at them. One of them drops to his knees and starts
too pray, while the other starts running and prays while he's bookin'
it out of there. If you were the lion, which one would you eat? The
tasty human kneeling on the ground, or the one that's running farther
and farther away? Syempre the one just sitting there. But why? because
faith without works is dead. In this case, quite literally. hahaha
So yeah. Masayang masaya ang linggo ko! Mahal na mahal kita, at yaw na ayaw ko ang mga koko ng paa. Ingat ulit! [I'm very happy this week ! I love you , and I do not like the nails of the feet . See you later!]

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