Monday, July 4, 2016

The heart of the banana is inspirational!

Hello everybody!!! This was a pretty great week if I do say so myself,
which I do. :)

"Everything is Awesome" in the Palawan Zone
Tuesday was Zone Conference, which means that all the missionaries on

Also there was a super tasty lunch!

(the picture you saw [included on the left] of me was during the lunch, so that's why I didn't have my retainer in. I am really quite diligent about it, I promise! I'm actually wearing it right now. haha) 

Something that wasn't so spiritually uplifting was after the conference, we were trying to catch a trike to get to the terminal to get a shuttle to get home, and while we were walking along, minding our own business, there
was a dead cat on the road. It was a cat pancake. Then I remembered Bradley and I hope that Bradley and that cat are hangin' out together sa daigdig ng mga spiritu ng pusa. (In the spirit word of the cats).

The heart of the banana is the red part!

Bananas are really cool I learned. You know how in Yu-gui-oh they're
all about "Heart of the cards”? If not, then you do now. Filipinos are
all about ang puso ng saging, or in english, the heart of the banana.
How intense of a name is that? I guess when bananas are growing on trees there is the part above the bunch where they all split off, and
it's called puso ng saging. It's really tasty. I ate it for the first
time last night, and was instantly inspired. 
Just think of it dad. If a regular banana can help with your cramp problem, imagine what the heart of the banana could do for you.

 I have been having foot cramps lately before I go to sleep at night, but not last night. Nagpapatotoo ako sa inyo tunkol sa kapangyarihan ng puso ng saging na totoo siya (I testify to you of the power of the heart of the banana, that it's true). 

Who does Rob remind you of...Elder Kestler or  Elder Green

I'm super excited for July 30th, and you should be too. Wanna know why? Syempre! Lemme tell ya! We've got a baptism!!! WOOT WOOT! Her name is Armalyn, and she is super awesome. Her boyfriend is a member 
 and she is progressing really well. She's keeping her commitments, coming to church, and everything! 

Probably I should just baptize this whole town while I'm here. I may as well. I haven't got anything better to do. hahaha Just kidding. Not that I don't have a desire to
baptize all of Aborlan, but that was a little prideful. I'm just joking about the pride bit. :)

You don't have to worry about my toenails. I just clipped 'em a few
days ago, and Isaiah's prophecy is still protecting me. When I get
home, I'll have the most beautiful feet of all the feet in our house.

I'm glad you all had a blast at the Fawson Family reunion. My favorite
quote from Brigham Young is when he was all like, "This is the
place..." Then they made a whole song about it and I learned it in 4th
grade. That's good stuff!

Have a super awesome time at Fish Lake!!! I'm not allowed to go
horseback riding. It says so in the missionary hand book.

Mahal ko kayo!!! Sa labas si Elder Fawson. Kapayapaan!!! (Peace)

Elder Fawson

Last week Rob concluded his letter saying “Magaling po kayong lahat parang aso! hahahahahahahahaha”
Google translate says this means “Well done you all like dogs”

I returned the greeting and he explained as follows...

Magaling ka, can also mean "Your great". I really said, "Y'all are
great, like a dog." That's what Elder Corpuz always says. He's all
like, "Guwapo ka." then I'm like "aww salamat!" then he's like,
"Parang aso." hahaha

Guwapo ka = you are handsome
salamat = thank you

Parang aso = like a canine

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