Monday, June 27, 2016

I was asked to speak at the necrological service...

Helo! (that means hello in Tagalog. My language study sure is paying
off. :) haha)
My week has been pretty awesome. I had a fun time in my tropical paradise. Let me tell you all about it...

I have a story to tell you. There is this lady who lives in Puerto
(the biggest city on Palawan) and she died. The end. Just kidding!
Thanks to the Plan of Salvation, we know that it's not the end.
Anywho, she had her funeral here in Aborlan, 'cause her family all
lives here. Naturally we, being missionaries, had to give our support
and attend. We also attended because I was asked to speak at the
necrological service on Friday. It was really nice. So while you were
chillin' in the air-con and everyone else was partying at the lake, I
was at a funeral teaching about life after death and eternal families.

The next day was the actual burial, and all the church leaders here
weren't able to attend this time due to another funeral in Narra, so
they asked us missionaries to conduct and preside. It was a really
cool experience actually. I was asked to be the one to dedicate the
grave. I thought that was just for old people, but I guess I'm allowed
to do it too. Good thing it teaches me how in the Missionary
Hand-book. So for all you RMs that never understood why the
instructions for dedicating graves was in the handbook, now you know,
the author received a prompting to add it in there just for me,
because Heavenly Father knew I would be put in that situation. :) He's
so nice! So yeah. I guess I'm kind of like the new Speaker for the
Dead now. Good thing I read that book!

I couldn't help humming to myself the Hearse song all the day
long. haha I even taught all the lyrics I could remember to my
companion and we sang it during language study. It really helps with
his english. haha

Our new converts are doing really well! and yes, after their baptism,
we are supposed to teach them all the lessons again so they can more
fully understand and remember everything. They are super nice. Brother
Barone already has the priesthood, and will baptize his daughter in a
couple weeks. They are so nice! I love them!!!

As for Michaela, I am sorry about your air-con problem, but if it's
any consolation, we don't even have air-con in our house. During my
studies every morning, there are 2 wet sweaty spots on my desk where
my arms rest. At least you have hot showers, and a microwave. Count
your many blessings! haha Oo, and a washer and dryer, and stable
electricity. Almost every day the power goes out. Mahirap na mga
bagay! (hard things. That's my tagalog replacement for "rough stuff!")

Oops, gotta go! Magaling po kayong lahat parang aso! hahahahahahahahaha

Elder Fawesome

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