Monday, June 20, 2016

So we started our way down into the bukid (jungle)...

That's super duper fun that the house boat trip is next week. I'm not
gonna lie, I'm super jealous, but I did get to do a bit of wading a
couple days ago in the baptismal font, so I guess we can call it even.
You get to play at the lake all week long, and I get to help some
people qualify for the celestial kingdom. It was super neat. I was
able to baptize Brother and Sister Barone last Saturday, and the best
part is that I didn't even have to change my garments afterwards,
because they weren't even wet. hahaha. It was super convenient.
Yesterday they were confirmed and are official members of the Church.
WOO! Sister B was really worried about having to give a talk in church,
and was all like, "Maybe I'll just go less-active so I don't have to
do it." haha She was just joking of course... at least I hope so! 

Another miracle that happened last week happened that was super
awesome. We were wanting to teach an investigator who has a house in
Mabini, right next to our house, and also in Iraan, which is a 7
minute shuttle ride away. He wasn't at home in Mabini, so we went to
Iraan. The thing is we had never been to his house in Iraan, and
addresses aren't really popular here on Palawan. You can tell because
no one has one. The most specific you can get is which Barangay. haha
Anywho, In Iraan, there are 3 main roads. He had told us which road he
was on, but that's all. So we started our way down the way into the
bukid (jungle). Along the way there are lots of little trails that
branch off, and after about 15 minutes of walking down the road, we
felt inspired to turn left onto one of these little trails into the
trees. Along the path was a little power line, so we said "well, that
has to lead somewhere. We walked another good 10-15 minutes and came
across a little bamboo hut with lots of dogs that started barking at
us. We decided to approach anyways despite the dogs, and it turns out
Random Filippino bamboo hut photo
that it was Alfred’s house. What the?! His sister answered the door and
who is a member and asked how we knew where they lived, and we just
said, "ang Espiritu Santo" (The Holy Ghost). It was super amazing. The
only bummer of the story is that Alfred wasn't home there either.
hahaha It was still a super neat experience though, and now we know
where he lives, so that's good! hahaha So yeah. The church is true!

A few days ago I was doing my personal study to some nut-cracker music
going in the background. It was really nice. :) I just remember
studying in Makati to Highway to Hell. Things are a lot different
here. haha.

I had another great week. I wish I could share more but it's not
possible due to the difficulty of typing these words onto the
internet, but I do have a more complete account of my doings written
in my other journal. For I know that someday the internet will die and
everything saved here must perish, but the things written in my
journal must never perish, wherefore if ye desire a more complete
account, read my journal. haha

Mahal ko kayo!!!!!

Elder Fawson is out. Peace!

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