Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fresh coconut is a lot tastier than old coconut. Who knew?

Hello! I'm pretty jealous about your Fish Lake trip! I will say I can
sympathize with Heidi though. I had a couple days last week of not
super happy feelings in my tummy. I didn't throw up in a Pringles
cylinder, but that was a genius idea mom! Good job!!! I'm feeling a
lot better now though, so no need to worry. Maybe you were just having
so much fun kayaking, horseback riding, and the like that you forgot
to pray for my well-being for a couple days. haha Ayos lang. Napatawad
kayo, at mabuti ang lahat! [It’s alright. Forgiven you, and all good!]

We did a service project last Tuesday and we pulled weeds for this
nice old lady who lives in the jungle. It's pretty cool that even
though she lives in the middle of the jungle in a little bamboo kubo
hut, she still likes to pull her weeds. It was really cool.
Afterwards, her son climbed a coconut tree and tossed down a couple of
coconuts. It was amazing watching him shimmy his way up. It was almost
exactly like Mowgli from the Jungle Book, when he's climbing the tree.
Also, fresh coconut is a lot tastier than old coconut. Who knew?

One of our investigators is doing super awesome! Her name is Armalyn.
She has a baptism goal date for July 30th, and I'm almost positive
it's gonna happen. We just taught her about the word of wisdom, and
the law of chastity this week and guess what. Walang problemo. Those
are the 2 main things that stop someone from getting baptized. And
church attendance, but she goes to church too, so she's super
amazing!!! Super exciting stuff!

Heidi. Your gonna be soooo jealous about this next part. We were going
to visit our investigator, brother Alfred, and we've only been to his
jungle house once, because often he is with his brother in town.
Anywho, we met him on the way and he was really busy chopping down the
foliage around a coconut farm, so we couldn't teach him, but we went
to his house anyways, and it's a good thing we did, because we were
able to meet his dad, and (this is the part Heidi will be jealous
about) his pet monkey. He has a pet MONKEY!!! Ano ba iyan! Banal na
baka!! It was super cool. Sorry Heidi, I wasn't quite able to get 200
pictures like you requested, but I did get some good close-ups. He was
really cute. I'll send you some photos of him when I get back on the
mainland. He is like 45 years old too. I didn't know monkeys had that
long of a life span. Pretty grand, eh?

I was informed a few days ago that I’ve been slacking off on my duties
as House Mouse. Apparently, we are supposed to hold a weekly meeting
and talk about the cleanliness of the house and stuff, and in my whole
5 weeks we haven’t had a single one, so yesterday I said to myself,
“self, you need to do better.” So that’s what I did. We had a very
nice meeting and figured out all the chore assignments and stuff for
this week. I also created a Kabahay Vision. I figured if we have a
Mission Vision, a Kabahay Vision wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Here
it is:
“We, the missionaries of the Aborlan district, will maintain a
household of cleanliness and order. We will each do our part to keep
the apartment tidy and neat; a place where the Holy Ghost can reside.
It will not be dirty, but dirt-free."
That last sentence was truly inspired! hahaha

So yeah. That's what I've been doing this week. Eating delicious
coconut, photographing monkeys and preparing souls to meet God. It's
been pretty awesome!

Mahal ko po kayo!!! Ingat!!!

Elder Fawson

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