Monday, March 7, 2016

This week almost 30 lessons and 9 new investigators!...190 OYMs (open your mouth)

Just Elder Leota and I. We went through the MTC together and are now in the same apartment. He is super cool. He is Samoan, but lives in Australia, and has a pretty awesome accent too. Heidi would love it. Sorry dad. He doesn't sound at all like you when you try to speak Australian. hahaha 
Just us after our weekly ward coordination meeting. :) 
Me, Elder Delacruz (left), Brother Ezekiel (ward mission leader [middle left]), Elder Lumanta (Middle right), Elder Boshard (Right). Elder Lumanta and Boshard and the zone leaders, and in our district. They rock!!

Hello Family!!! (and anyone else who reads this)

I am doing just dandy today. this was a good week! We reached our OYM goals of 190, we had almost 30 lessons, and found 9 new investigators (hopefully they progress!!!) It's been going great with Elder Delacruz so far. We work pretty well together. Yesterday was super great. 

We had 2 of our investigators come to church for the 1st time. It was really awesome. They are a mom (Joan and dad (Antolin) with a little baby that is so cute! They missed the passing of the sacrament 'cause they came late, so that was a bummer 'cause that's the best part, but all is well. They said they would adjust their time next week so they can be there on time. That means they intend to come next week too. WOOHOO!!! Hooray for the Holy Ghost! He the greatest! 

I also have to adjust to being the house mouse. Everyone in my apartment is really great! Elder Leota is new to the apartment and he is super awesome. We are in the same batch, but we never associated all that much. I like him! I'm sort of hyper sensitive to any stray spoon that isn't washed and stuff like that now. haha 

Robert’s answer to “What is a house mouse?”...I've lived in our apartment the longest, which means I'm in charge of making sure everything is in order. Dishes are washed, bills are payed, etc. :) Paying bills is fun. haha We had to pay a whoppin' 700 pisos for our water bill this month! That's like $15. Good thing we split that between the 4 of us. haha

I don't have any wild food that I ate this week, but yesterday was fast sunday and it was the most hungry I've ever been in my life. I'm pretty sure if we had come home any later I would have died of salvation. OOPS! I meant starvation, not salvation. I guess it's good though. The more you suffer during your fast the better. That's sort of the point of fasting is to show the Lord your devotion to him by depriving yourself of those basic bear necessities of life for just a while. By doing so, he says, "Wow. This person didn't eat breakfast, or lunch and is walking around in the hot sun for hours and hours teaching the gospel all for me. I think I'll bless him." Then he blesses you with whatever it is you are fasting for. :) In my case, the gift of tongues. In an investigators case, to know the truth. In Old Man Jenkins case, to be able to eat a hamburger without having a heart attack and dying. :) Really you can fast for anything. "Pretty grand eh?" -Chris Kringle

This week in my personal study I was reading about when Christ started his ministry and said to people, "Come, follow me." As I was expounding this to Elder Delacruz that we too must accept his invitation, a perfect analogy came to my brain. In order for us to come unto Christ, we have to follow his trail, like a lion tracking a gazelle. The lion has to follow the exact trail of it's prey in order to find it. If he gets distracted and wanders off the path of the prey, he must backtrack in order to get back on the right path again. He cannot take a short cut, lest he lose the scent. He needs to go exactly the same way the gazelle went. We too need to do the same things that our savior did in order to come unto him, because we can't come unto him, if we don't go the same way he went. "Straight is the path, and narrow the way that leads to eternal life." There is only one way that leads to Christ. If we ever leave that path, we had better backtrack (repent) and find it again, or we will never receive that bread of eternal life. Good analogy, di ba? (right)

Any who, I was folding my garments this week and a spider climbed out of one of them. It was really cool. It was brown and not very big. smaller than my pinky nail. I tried to snap a photo of him though, and guess what. He jumped away every time he was about to get documented. He is so fast. He is more unphotogenic than Heidi. hahaha I couldn't get even a blurry photo of him before he jumped off my bed. haha Sayang (too bad)!

We have access to a washing machine!!!!!! The land lordess has one down stairs, and we asked if we could borrow it and she said it was okay. We just man handled it up the stairs and away we went. "So clean, so good!" -SOGO

Let's all sing the hot dog song for this! 

Hot dog hot dog hot diggidy dog. Hot dog hot dog hot diggidy dog. hot dog, hot dog, hot diggidy doooog. HOT DOG, HOT DOG HOT DIGGIDY DOG!!!
You can ask Heidi for the tune. :)

It's so nice to have that. Now washing clothes will be a cinch! :) 

That's all the excitement for this week. :) Toodles

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