Monday, February 29, 2016

Barbecued chicken feet are not too shabby.

Rob and his friends are all sad to see Elder Lindaya move on to a new area. He will be missed.

Hello Family and friends!

I am still doing just dandy over here! It's been a sort of crazy week 'cause of transfers and all. Elder Lindaya is not with us anymore. He's moved on to a better place... on Palawan!!! haha I am still in Makati 1st ward, and I have a new companion, Elder Delacruz. It's definitely a lot different than with Elder Lindaya, mostly because he isn't Elder Lindaya. haha I am leading the area now too, which means that I have to remember where everyone lives, what their status is, what their needs are, what we should share to them, and all sorts of other stuff. I'll admit, it's a lot to handle, but like Paul, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Or in Tagalog, "Maaari ako gumawa lahat ng bagay sa pamamagitan si Cristo kung sino ibinibigay sa akin lakas." or at least something to that effect (If you know Tagalog, then just tell everyone that this is perfect grammar and say "Wow!"). 

Elder Delacruz and I are getting along just great though, so don't worry too much about that. He's a pretty cool guy. He sort of walks slower than I would like, but I guess it's 'cause his legs are shorter, so I can't really get mad at him for that. haha He is from Qatar, but still Filipino, and speaks Tagalog already fluently. I can tell that my language skills are improving too. I was reading my Aklat ni Mormon yesterday and hardly even had to refer to my English copy. It was sort of strange, but a good strange, like when you eat something funky, but it leaves a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth for a while. 

Speaking of eating funky things, I have had a few new dishes these past couple weeks. Quick tip dad. If ever you get really fed up with the chickens not laying eggs, and you decide to turn them into a Sunday dinner, don't throw the feet away. You can cook them up on the barbecue and eat them. They are not too shabby. Also you can just eat any part of a pig too. I quite enjoy the ears. MMM Boy. Masarap siya!!! haha

There is a missionary that was transferred here last transfer and all the time I feel like I've met him before, but I know that I haven't. The other day I realized why. He looks just like Peter Parker, except he is not as skinny as Peter Parker. Other than that, they look so similar. haha

We found a new family that is super awesome. It was a sort of domino effect that we found them though. We knocked a certain house a few weeks ago and shared to a nice guy named Lance, then when we returned we taught him, and his family was home this time. When we returned again his moms best friend was at their house so we shared to her too, and she asked us to come to her house and teach her, and her husband, and they are the super great family that I mentioned above. They are so nice!!! Probably we'll baptize them. At least I pray so! haha

that's about all that's going on with me, except that at our last FHE with Elder Lindaya, It was a really clear night, and I could see a couple stars, so that was super nice. It's been too long! Also I'm a champion fish racer. hahaha

Now that's all that's going on with me. :) Mahal ko kayo!!! Have a nice week!

Elder Fawson

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