Sunday, February 21, 2016

I live on less than $20 a week

Hello everybody!

This week has been super awesome! I guess I say that every week, but it's true. I suppose that's just what happens when you are on a mission. Like it says in Luke, whenever you make a sacrifice for the kingdom of God, you will be blessed manifold in this life, and in the eternal life to come. Being happy is part of this promise. We all sacrifice our time, family, and many other things, but our Heavenly Father will always make it worth it! 

In our mission vision it says we are to have 1 key indicator every week. Well guess what. This week we had 5. Key Indicators are Baptism, full activity in the church, temple preparation, and temple ordinances. These are the things we as missionaries are to focus on for people. We report on these to the mission office and that's how they know how the mission is progressing. :) We're rocking ours!!!  Elder Lindaya and I have been working really hard with the less active members in our ward and now it's really paying off as they become fully active and go through the temple. It's so great!!!

That really is too bad you didn't win the lottery, but in reality, you don't actually need 1.5 billion dollars to live. Halimbawa (example), I live on less than 1,000 Pisos a week. That converts to less than 20 U.S. dollars. That includes groceries, bills, food, and all. Of course, I also have freezing cold showers every day, and no microwave, but still. hahaha 
The currency here is the best! It looks just like a rainbow. "See the rainbow, taste the rainbow." -Skittles

When I read that you were ponderizing a scripture, it reminded me of a scripture I read just this morning. Only 4 hours ago actually. It's Hebrews 11:34. This entire chapter is about faith, and gives examples of people who exercised faith and the miracles that were wrought, like Moses parting the red sea, Abraham sacrificing Issac, Enoch being translated, etc. in verse 34 it mentions that their faith protected them from the aliens and made them fly away. That means that aliens are real. The bible says so, and they really do fly around, probably in UFOs. haha Don't believe me? Look it up! :)

I am doing super awesome by the way. Everything is going great. My sunburn is healing, so now I just have a tan line. We have several investigators that are probably going to be baptized, like Brother Lito and his wife. They came to church on their own yesterday. I'm excited for them!!!!

My Tagalog is getting better I can tell. There are still times when I am frustrated that I can't say something that I want to, but usually it's okay. I can lead the lessons and stuff alright, so that's awesome. I know it just takes time, but the more diligent I am in studying and stuff, the shorter that time will be.

Just yesterday (or today for you) was my 4 month mark. I left home exactly 4 months ago. Also just yesterday I finished my 12 weeks program, which is the program for new missionaries in the field to be trained stuff. Tapos na! (finished!) If my mission were compared to a batch of bananas, there would only be 5 left, cause I already finished eating one sixth of them. How crazy is that?

I still didn't get your Valentines letter, but don't be afraid. It took 2 months for that package from the young women to get to me. Those were some yummy Air Heads by the way! Masarap! 

I love you guys!!! Have a great week, and I'll talk to you in a few months. :) I'll still E-mail next week though. :)

Mahal ko kayo!!

Elder Fawson

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