Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The members here are so fun

I'm Atlas

-Crazy guy from Spongebob

"It's a party in my tummy. So yummy. So yummy!"
-Yo Gabba Gabba

Elder Lumanta and I are learning about the power of torq! 

Just chilling' with Neil Armstrong
"Space. The final frontier.... To go where no man has gone before."
-Star Trek

We're going to steal, (pause for effect) THE MOON!!!!

"It's the moon stone!" 
-Seymore the Scientist
Hello family!!! 

I just got out of the temple about 45 minutes ago, so I am doing super great right now. Seeing that beautiful chandelier in the Celestial Room always makes me feel happy. Or maybe it's just being in the temple. How about both! hahaha

Elders Fawson and Delacruz at the Manila Temple
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!! I most certainly will. Maybe I will hard boil some eggs and make me a delicious easter-egg-salad-sandwich. What is Easter without an egg-salad sandwich after all? I probably won't be participating in any egg hunts, or dying any eggs, but I will be on an Easter soul hunt. haha That's right! While you are all spending time with family, and playing and stuff, I will be helping people to be with their family for eternity through the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Are you jealous? 'Cause you should be!!! haha

I have to tell you about the Mind Museum! It was super awesome, and I got some fabulous photos. There was a space/astronomy section that was way cool. There was a moon and we could choose which phase we wanted it to be, and I knew all the names of the phases and everyone was super impressed (Thanks dad!). haha Also there was a T-rex and he had bigger feet than me. :( I guess that T-rex's are super big, cause I was not even as tall as his femur. hahaha

We had a really busy, but successful week! Yesterday was wild! We had 7 lessons! 4 of them were member present, and the other 3 were with recent converts and less actives. And to top it off, 3 of the people we visited fed us. We had 2 FHEs, so that was fun! The members here are so fun. haha I was too full to eat my Crunchy Way when I got home. haha Yup. Super awesome day. 

A bummer thing that is happening is that Elder Leota (my house mate that is from my same batch) is having an emergency transfer and won't live with us anymore. He will be sorely missed! I like him a lot!!! In the words of Bill, "Bogus. Heinous. Most non-tranquil!" But all is well. Life goes on, and souls are being saved. :)

That person at church that asked if I'd been gone an entire year probably was just wishing that so I would be coming home sooner because they miss me so much. haha! Actually exactly 5 months ago I was on a plane flying to Tokyo, so that's crazy. October 22 is the day that I skipped because of the time difference. :) 

A few days ago during my personal study the people across the street were blasting their radio so loud and just so happened to be jamming out to "Highway to Hell". hahaha It was sort of Ironic! Naturally, I couldn't help but hum along as I read my scriptures. haha

So yeah. Super awesome day to top off a super awesome week! I love you all, and have a "most excellent adventure" of an Easter! 

Elder Fawson
We can't endure our weekly planning sessions if we don't get some pizza delivered to our house!!! Thanks Papa Jons. You saved us!!!!!

The following photos were forwarded from an email from Brother  Wilmar Jovaenir who said...
si Elder Dela Cruz at si Elder Fawson also kung makatawa Wagas halos mapupunit na yung pisngi at don't smile lalo at wala na yung mga mata hahahaha:

This appears to be a glamor shot. haha

Elder Delacruz and Brother Jovenir

Elders with Brother Jovenir for FHE

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