Thursday, November 26, 2015

I am saving people from fires and stuff

About my dream. there is some significant meaning I've gleaned from it. Sometimes weird things happen, but you can always walk it off, or just put it on your back and take a stroll around the temple. It actually was quite inspiring! 

I just got the letters in the big yellow envelope yesterday and read all the nice things people had to say to me. It was perfect, because it came on my Thanksgiving which was yesterday for me. Happy thanksgiving to all of you too!!! It was my first letter, and it was definitely a good experience! 

So Heidi sang in the YW in Excellence, or in Sacrament meeting? hahaha What kind of question is that? :) haha Heidi, I congratulate you on your courage!!! I had to do something courageous last Wednesday. We went proselyting in (Manila this time) and after my first teaching appointment with my temporary companion we saw a huge pillar of smoke a little ways off. There was a fire, and it was burning down all these houses in the poor people neighborhood. On our way to check it out, a less-active member recognized us and needed our help. Her house was only a block away from the fire, so we helped her collect some belongings (clothes, a couple fans, a TV) and carry them to a safe location. It was wild. The streets were full of spectators and other people saving their own stuff, fire trucks, official looking people trying to control the crowd, and it was sobra hectic! We helped the lady but then I had to meet up with my people again to go back to the MTC. How crazy is that? So Heidi, next time you are asked to sing at YW in Excellence, remember that I am here in the Philippines saving people from fires and stuff. That's a true story.; Not a dream I promise! :)

[click here to see a short video about the fire Robert is talking about]

The other day there was this nasty tomato, salt soup. It was mostly just salt water with a tomato slice in it. EWW! I ate it anyways though. Then I ate my rice! haha We also had the fish again that looks at you when you eat it. It's so fun! I guess it's okay to just eat the head right off the body. I haven't quite grown that accustomed to the culture to do that yet. haha

Last P-day everyone bought presents for a secret santa thingamajig, and we all pulled names and got something for that person at the supermarket, and we used the paper bag as wrapping paper and I decorated mine so cute!!! It's a good thing I learned how to wrap presents! Mine was definitely the most professional! hahaha We had a fun secret party, 'cause we didn't want the younger guys to feel left out, and we sung Christmas songs, and it was so fun!!! Pretty much everything's just so fun! 

On Tuesday was a devotional from the new apostle, Elder Renlund. He was actually in this building!!! Sometimes we watch recordings of apostles speak from Provo, but this was live and I was in the very front row. It really pays off to be bigger than all those Filipinos! I just tried to copy Dads face when he is lifting something really heavy at the gym, and they all scattered. His talk was sobra magalingj! He talked about our purpose as missionaries and stuff. It was super awesome. He was so nice. 

 That's about everything exciting and not so exciting I have to say.

 I love you all!!! Happy Thanksgiving, and Maligayang Pasco!!!!! (Merry Christmas)

Elder Fawson

Believe it!

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