Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Spam Rocks!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! We don't celebrate such things as thanksgiving over here on this side of the earth. 

I realized how far away I am because a couple nights ago on my way back from gym (It's in another building) I looked up at the sky, and the moon was a crescent, pero instead of being sideways like this ")" it was like a smiley face like this "_" but more curvy. How am I supposed to know if it's waxing or waning now? It's not on the right or left. 

The other night I dreamed a dream and it was crazy! It started out with this spectacular building surrounded by a tall gate. In the gate was a beautiful landscape. Prowling around the grounds was the most gigantor tiger ever. The building was a crazy fancy school with fancy tapestries and stuff. I just so happened to attend this school and every morning I went out and ran around the perimeter for exercise. I would run, and the tiger would run with me and we got to be super great buds. One day I wanted to go for a walk and the tiger wanted to come with me, pero tigers can't just go wander around town. It would put the town into an uproar! So I went on my walk and gave the tiger a piggyback ride the entire way. We walked around the St. George temple, around Salt Lake City, through a bus stop where I said hi to some people I know. It was awesome!!! That's all.

A Jeepney in Manila- The most popular form of pubic transportation. They are typically brightly painted leftover army jeeps left behind when the US troops left after WWII
I am starting to hone my language skills more and more. Yesterday was my unang veses (1st time) going out for real! We took a van to a chapel and met up with some experienced missionaries who we went on splits with. I went with a native looking fellow named Elder Valar. He was super nice! We rode on an actual Jeepney, and went to an investigators house. Jeepneys are so fun! Climbing on and off is hard, but other than that they are really fun. You can get practically anywhere in the city for only 8 pisos (about 16 cents). How cool is that. To pay you just say, "Bayad po" and pass your money forward to the driver. It's the best system ever I think. 

It is crazy how poor everyone is here, pero they are so friendly anyways. All the kids would follow us around and say, "Hi Joe (they call all white peeps Joe)!" and "Matankod (Tall)!" It was really fun! We taught our people about the commandments and the importance of daily scripture study and prayer. I spoke most my words in Tagalog even. I've never even taught that lesson before, so it was super neat!!! In practices we usually do the restoration or plan of salvation. 

I don't think I will ever get sick of rice! sometimes for breakfast we don't even have it. They have this cereal that tastes just like Cocoa Puffs. IM COOCOO FOR COCOA PUFFS!!!!! 

Elder Zesiger was upgraded to district leader a few days ago, and he made me room leader because I always make my bed. hahaha But really, I do make my bed every day and I am already receiving the blessings from it! The old guys here do surprise room checks every week and we have 2 papers that said "Such a clean room! Your moms would be proud!!!" I believe it. 

My Fijian friends are so nice! Last night they shared their crackers and spam with me! I forgot how good it was. Spam rocks!!! Elder Valentine was a champion though. He never broke even a single cracker while scooping. I was dumbfounded at his nimbleness. Spam must be really big in Fiji!

That about sums up the activities of my week. I'm just lovin' life here in the Philippines!

Mahal kita!

Elder Fawson

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