Thursday, November 12, 2015

Banana ketchup is way yummy on rice...just smother it in that and BOOM!!! Sobra masarap!

Heya Mom and Dad and Heidi and Mylo and Donatello and Chickens and other turtles and anyone else that may be reading! It's weird to think it's so cold there, but it does make some sense. Your phone doesn't lie about the temp.! Every day after gym I walk outside and expect a cool breeze to greet my smoldering body, but instead it feels exactly like it does inside the gym. Gets me every time! I sorta love the weather here... for now at least. It's only rained on me once. the rest of the time I'm inside when it starts coming down and it only goes for a few minutes, then the sun pokes it's exceeding brightness right back out and doesn't dry up all the rain, but at least it's there. :) 
Just last night I wrote "Day 21" in my journal (which I have been writing in araw araw [every day]. That means I've been here for like 3 weeks already! Only 101 to go. hahaha! That feels like eternity, pero it'll be the most beneficial eternity ever!
Hard as it is to believe, I am still enjoying my breakfast rice! I just mix all my meat, and meaty juice into it and it's might fine. If there isn't any meat juiciness to mix in, they have this stuff called banana ketchup and that is way yummy on rice too, so just smother it in that, and BOOM!!! I've got a salu-salo (party) in my tummy! Sobra masarap, Sobra masarap (so yummy so yummy)!!!

That's great that you could go to Ainsley's baptism! It must've been a sobra boring car ride without my fun comments the entire way! hahaha That's also fun that Andrew remembers me. "So are things getting pretty serious then? (Napoleon Dynamite)" haha
Tagalog is coming pretty alright! I can say the whole first paragraph of the first vision, and by hopefully tomorrow I'll have the whole thing down pat! By faith all things are possible. True story. It's still kinda crazy how fast everyone learns!
On Wednesday evening we had a devotional by Brother Agustin, the area 70 guy, and he gave a sweet talk about perseverance. He talked about how once, a couple missionaries almost got in a car crash with some guys, who then followed them to a gas station and pulled a gun on them. Then Bro. Agustin told the gun guys to "Relax! Calm down now! Don't stress! Take it easy!" Not in those words, but same idea, and the gun guys were like, "Okay, whatever." and left. The missionaries didn't even go home because they persevered. That's cool huh? Maybe That will happen to me, and I can tell you all about it. hahaha :)
We kinda got some snow here, but it was actually just the ashes from a fire in a box factory. Definitely not 7 inches though! That's wild!
I just got back from the temple a few minutes ago and it was great! I don't remember if I told you this already, but their is a chandelier in the celestial room, and it is the most impressive light fixture/chandelier thing I've ever seen! I want one just like it in my future heavenly mansion! To have that chandelier is enough motivation for me to endure to the end! :)
The other day for dinner we ate fish, and it was just an entire fish. I think they just caught it, gutted it and plopped in on the grill, head and all (except the guts) and from the grill to my plate. It looked sketchy, but tasted great, and was fun to eat. That is the most exciting meal I've had yet for sure!
My favorite scripture is Ether 15:something, "The last words which are spoken by Ether are these. whether the Lord will that I be translated, or suffer the will of the Lord in the flesh it mattereth not, if it so be that I am saved in the kingdom of God." or something to that effect. :) It's the very last verse in Ether, so you can tell the bishop that now and everyone can look upon my mini-shrine at the church in awe of my majesty.
Just so you know, P-day swippy-swaps between Thursday, and Friday while I'm at the MTC, so you can know what days to expect my glad tidings of great joy. They may not be as glad as Gabriel's, pero, a close second! :)That about sums up my life at the MTC this week! I am here until December 2nd by the way.
Mahal ko po kayo! (That also means I love you.) The po means respect. Sometimes when I'm talking with the natives in English they say po after every sentence and/or key words. It's funny po!

See ya later! Sobra mahal ko po kayo!!!!! 

Paalam! (bye)

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