Thursday, November 5, 2015

week 2 "I'm far too manly to have homesickness"

Robert said to tell everyone at home HI for him (particularly all of my Laurels :)  and he answered some of my questions: 

...My Fijian budies do speak english and so far the only connection they've made between Fijian and Tagalog is that the #5 is the same, Lima. hahaha It's really fun you met Elder Zesigers mom on facebook! It's a good thing we have those techno wizards who could make facebook to bring so much joy to the inhabitants of ng mundo (the earth). 

...You are definitely right about the homesick thing with some of the others. It's not a big deal for them anymore, but the first weekish was kinda rough. Not for me of course! :) I'm far too manly to have homesickness. hahaha Not that I don't miss you, I am just way too busy to dwell on it too much. 

A few days ago we had a guy from the 2nd quorum of the seventy come and talk to us. He was really awesome, and guess what!!! He even shook my hand. Yup My hand has been touched by him. I haven't washed it since. hahaha Joklang (just kidding) Also I brushed my teeth this morning. You must be such a proud mother to have a son so grown up and independent! hahaha :) 

Tagalog is so wierd! It's fun to speak when you know how to say stuff though! We started conjugating words, so it's fun to see how all the words i've memorized are created from the roots and to get how to create my own sentences and stuff. Before it was mostly just momorized stuff, but not no more. I can say whatever I want now. Not all in Tagalog, but it's still great! 

I went to the temple today again and it was super great! The celestial room is really small and simple, but it has the most brilliant chandelier I have ever seen!!! It's got all these sparkly things hanging around it and it's just amazing! 

It was nice emailing you! Ingat! (Take Care)

I just learned how to send photos so that's good! I will do that now! :)

Robert and his mga kasama (companions) at the temple
Look who Rob ran into! ... "Sister Stackhouse, our mga kasama and me" It is a LaVerkin reunion :)

Elder Goofy and one of his room mates from Fiji

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