Friday, March 24, 2017

Straight from the Mayor's office to the baptismal font!

Hello my excellent friends and happy St. Patricks Day!!!

 I hope you all wore green, and if not, I hope your wounds from all those pinches take a long time to heal. :) hahaha
I had a pretty awesome week. I already told you all about my adventures on Monday, but maybe the part you didn’t hear about was how sunburned I got. It was more than a little, and my skin was exceedingly sore. Putting on my socks felt like an angry cat scratching my legs with his freshly sharpened claws. Just kidding. It wasn’t that bad, but it did hurt a lot. It’s fine now though, except for a little patch on my right leg that is still red and ouchy. It was worth it though!
Wednesday was fun because I had an excuse to wear the sweet new green tie I bought. It’s super sweet and green. Elder Cortez didn’t know about St. Patrick’s day and even after I explained it didn’t seem to catch the vision. What a shame. At least I got to pinch him. Hehehe I also decorated my planner all fun and festive for the occasion.
This week is transfer week, but I’m pretty sure neither I nor my companion will be leaving. We won’t know for sure for a few minutes though. The APs haven’t sent the transfers in yet. The cool thing about being zone leader is I get to know before everyone else. Whahaha!!!
Thursday was crazy because it was district coordination again. We left for Puerto around 1:00, arrived around 3:30, which gave us enough time to rustle up some grub before the meeting at 5:00, so we ate some food, and got to the church only to find that the meeting was changed to 6:00. That was annoying because we just had to wait around for another hour, and because we still had to get home that night. It didn’t get over ‘til about 8:00 and we headed to the terminal to catch a shuttle to go back to Roxas. Finally we squished ourselves into the vehicle and headed on home. The stranger to my left must’ve been super sleepy because he was snoozing after only like 10 minutes. It was sort of awkward. After like 30 minutes he started resting his head on my shoulder. It was funny because the first time he did it the song on the radio was singing, “Somebody to lean on. Somebody… somebody… somebody to lean on.” Then he leaned on me. Hahahaha fun stuff! We got home around 11:30 and still woke up on time for exercising the next morning. I believe in the enabling power of the atonement! You should too! :)
Our investigators are still doing pretty good! We’re planning on a marriage on April 1st, and then going straight from the Mayor’s office the baptismal font. It’s super exciting!!!
We just watched 17 miracles earlier today and I really like the part where the lady is sitting on a rock refusing to go on, then her daughter says a prayer and a pie appears on the ground. I don’t know what the date was when that happened, but I did feel it worth mentioning today considering Pie day has just passed us. I didn’t eat a pie, but I did consider it, and opted out because I didn’t want to carry it around for the next 2 hours. We did have ice cream though that night and I pretended I had some pie to go with it, so maybe that counts. Haha

That’s about all the excitement for this week. I’d like to say more but typing on this key board is really frustrating because the keys are really stiff. I do have the patience to say this though. Mahal ko kayo! And have a nice week!!!

Elder Fawson

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