Friday, March 3, 2017

I do know that Elder Bednar is a true Apostle of God.

Helo po sa lahat!

Last week was super crazy!!! It was actually quite normal until about Friday. We found a new investigator on Tuesday and when we went back on Friday and she had already read the entire Restoration pamphlet twice and apologized for not answering the questions in the back. hahaha Usually people just read the first few sentences and then tell us they were so busy and had 0 time to read. She is really prepared. She has a good friend that's a member and has been really wanting to learn more. Unfortunately we didn't teach her on Friday because we had to go to Puerto, and we haven't been able to see her again because we didn't get home until late last night. I'm excited to teach her again though. Her name is Rhea. Feel free to pray for her that everything still goes smoothly! :)

The Philippines, Manila Mission all together!
On Friday we went to Puerto (like I just said) and slept there before going to the airport at 5:00am to catch our flight to the main land. Once we got off the plane we, all 18 of us, crammed into 2 cars build only for 7 people each. The 7 sisters in one, and the 10 elders in the other. These are not small Elders mind you. :) So we survived the next hour drive to the Buendia Chapel and that's when we met Elder Bednar. It was super awesome. He had given us a few talks to read and study before hand and when he was there he just asked us the things we learned, asked us questions and let us open to ask him questions. He was there for about 3 hours, and it was such a great experience. I didn't get to shake his hand, but I do know that he's a true Apostle of God. It was awesome. I don't have a lot of time to explain everything that was said, but he talked to us about how the Book of Mormon is true, and how we can more effectively help our investigators know too. I learned a lot. When I get home you can read my notes about it. :) After he talked to us he went to the area office and there was a broadcast to the whole Philippines where he spoke to everyone. It was super awesome too! 

After all that I was able to work in my last area on Sunday in Bonifacio 6 ward. It was fun to see a lot of old faces from like 4 weeks ago. One of my investigators back then, Dorriteo, got baptized on Feb 18 and I was able to give him the Aaronic priesthood. It was way awesome. Also the Mina family got married and Sister Jam and Karla will be baptized on March 18. I'm not in that area anymore, but it was so fun to see how all the people are doing and watching the people I taught getting baptized and stuff. I must say it was quite a success considering all that, and that we had 2 dinner appointments. :) 

On Monday we went to the airport really early again, flew back to Puerto, and had our zone conference. It was a really short one, only about 3ish hours, but awesome none-the-less. Then, right after zone conference we had interviews with president Ostler, which we didn't know was going to happen until after zone conference was over. It was super surprising, but great too. I always like talking to him. He's so wise. He is definitely called of God! By the time all that was over it was almost 8:00pm. We still have a 2 1/2 hour shuttle ride back to Roxas. I was so tired when we finally got home that I just changed, prayed, and went straight to sleep. I had a dream that there were these 2 kids I went to high school with, Seth and Jeremy, and they were with the creepy guy from the movie, Series of Unfortunate Events, and he was forcing them to eat these brain sandwiches. It was really weird. 

So yeah. Crazy stuff! We haven't worked in our area for 4 days now and tomorrow we are going back to Manila for MLC (a meeting of all the zone leaders with president Ostler), and won't be back until Thursday. The craziness just never ends. :)

Thanks so much for the recipes! Our oven will be so pleased to be of use. It's always sad when an oven cannot fulfill the measure of it's creation! haha It's also sad when 2 diligent missionaries don't have any cookies to eat when they get home! hahahaha

It’s actually some sort of weird style here to not clip your thumb nail. some people have nicely trimmed nails except the thumb which is like an inch or an inch and a half long. It's sort of creepy in my opinion! Ever since my toe incident, I've been making good use of my clippers! :) 

That's cool that Heidi's the president of the Laurels now. That is a feat that I never managed to accomplish. Good job, Heidi! Also it's cool that she's doing her homework now. It may not have been for the reasons you had hoped, but sometimes that's how it works out. Just tell her to stick with the right kind of chemistry! hahaha That would be embarrassing if I was the only one awarded the grand prize of $1,000 on my 18th birthday. hahahahahahahhahaha

Anywho, I'm doing well here in Roxas. I am really liking it here! Being a missionary is fun. If you haven't tried it yet, I definitely suggest it! Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Fawson

RE Chayse’s wedding invitation: “That's super weird. I remember when I got the invitation to her graduation barbecue a few months ago. I never did make it to that. :) Maybe if they could post-pone the wedding a few more months I could attend to. :)”

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