Monday, October 24, 2016

In America there is Golden Coral...In the Philippines there is Mang Inasal

Flashback to me at the beach in Aborlan. We only went once, but it sure was nice! :)

"Hello my excellent friends."

I am now on day 368. One year ago was my second or third day in the MTC. I was super tired and in a foreign land trying to learn a foreign language to teach a bunch of short people the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now I am 1 year in my mission in a foreign land (that's getting to be pretty familiar by now), practically fluent in a foreign language and not just trying to teach people the gospel, but actually succeeding. Time is weird!

I don't know if I ever sent you a picture of Armalyn's baptism. She is the older girl. The little girl is the daughter of our recent converts over there. Brother Barone was able to use his newly obtained priesthood to baptize his daughter. Cool huh?

That's super cool that Kristin published a book! I can't wait to read it in another year! hahaaha I like candy!

That's also crazy Sam is going to Hawaii again next week. Hopefully he gets his athlete foot taken care of. I haven't had any problem with that. Just my ingrown toenail back in Palawan. It actually still hurts a little bit sometimes, and is a little red but I keep my nails nice and clipped now. I don't want another passing out thing again. hahaha Actually just this morning it was oozing out some greenish yellow pus stuff. It was sort of gross picking the dried stuff off my toenail. It looked like a booger. haha Is that a good enough explanation for you? Can you see it clearly in your minds eye? hahahaha

I'm happy for Lily to come to Japan. I remember when I went to Japan that one time one year ago. It was only for about 2 hours and I never left the airport, but still. :) We'll actually be in the same time zone. Fer cool!

You can tell Heidi that if she really wants to be a zoo keeper, I'll be the official animal translator. With my gift of tongues I think I can learn their language well enough to tell the gorillas to quit scratching their bums and stuff. I still have no idea what I want to study after my mission, pero basta. Hindi pa mahalaga iyan sa akin [ but it’s just not that important to me].

We had a family we've been teaching come to church yesterday and it was super happy. They were a little late, but at least they got to see Elder Belayro speak in sacrament meeting, so that was good. I went almost the entire first half of my mission and dodged numerous bullets of having to to that, and he got hit in his very first transfer. haha Rough stuff! He did a really great job though!

That's too bad Dad has a sore back. In Tagalog we call it "sakit sa likod." If it makes him feel any better, I have a sore face. While I was asleep my head must have made it's way right up close to the ladder that goes to the top bunk, so when the alarm went off this morning I smashed my face into the corner of the rung, and let out a loud "OWWW!!!!" Usually I'm a little groggy waking up, but not today. hahaha

You should tell Sister Gifford thanks for sending me her monthly letters. I think I've gotten more letters from her than everyone else combined. haha She is super awesome! 
Grandmother and Grandpa haven't sent me any E-mails my whole time here. Maybe you can get after them about that. :)

So yeah. I'm happy and my feet are dry, and I still have some caramel apple suckers to eat for the next few days. Thanks again for those! haha Mahal kita!!!

Elder Fawson

P.S. Here's a picture of me and Elder Belayro with the nice Mang Inasal guy. In America there is Golden Coral where there is all you can eat food. In the Philippines there is Mang Inasal where there is all you can eat rice. We eat here almost every Monday. :) MMMM BOY!
A common dinner. I gots me some Lumpiang Shangai, and some silog! 

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