Monday, October 10, 2016

I had a bunch of phlegm in my throat and wasn't accepted to sing in the Christmas choir!

Helo ang minamahal kong familia ang mga kaibigan! [Hello my dear family and friends]

This week was super wacky! I guess you already heard that I was becoming a tatay [father]. It was a short gestation period of only 4 days and I'm pleased to announce, It's a boy! That would be weird if I trained a sister missionary! hahahaha His name is Elder Belayro. He's only temporarily assigned here though. His real assignment is in Chile, but he gots ta wait for a visa, so dito na siya. He'll probably go to Chile some time in November, so we won't be able to finish his whole training together, but it'll still be fun. His native language is not Tagalog, so both of us aren't super fluent at it, but he knows more than I do. It was sort of funny. After I told him about our OYM goal to talk to 190 people every week he said, "Elder, we have a problem. I'm really shy." haha He's really good though. Even after just 5 days here in the mission he's improved a lot! It's sort of weird because he didn't study at the MTC. He just came right to the field. He's super great though. We get along real well!

Tatay Fawson with new Elder Belayro

Sister and President Ostler with Elder Belayro and Fawson

That's not the only change that's taken place in Las Pinas. I've got a new Kabahay that you may be semi-familiar with. ELDER ZESIGER [Robert’s MTC companion]!!! That's right. We live in the very same house under the very same roof and we sleep in very different beds. It says in the White Handbook that 2 missionaries can't sleep in the same bed, so we are very obedient to that rule. :) It is super fun though! He's a zone leader now, so that's soup sweet! It's been fun swappin' stories back and forth. 

Elder Zesieger and Elder Fawson
I do have some unfortunate news. I wasn't accepted to sing in the Christmas choir. I guess Sister Ostler just doesn't recognize true talent even if it's standing right in front of her. haha Joklang! I'd had a bunch of phlem in my throat on the day I had to try out, so my voice wasn't super ship-shape for the occasion. It's okay though. Traveling to Buendia is super expensive from Las Pinas anyways. I'll just spend what would have been on taxis on a bunch of ice cream and choco muchos to curb my wallowing in self pity. hahaha Maybe I can make the violin solo part, but I dunno because a different missionary has been hogging the mission violin  and I haven't been able to practice for almost an entire year. Oh well. 

Elder Belayro and I were OYMing some people last Friday and we totally found a family that let us teach them. There were 7 of them so hopefully they want us to keep coming back. Sometimes they say we can come back just so they don't seem rude, but really they don't care and when we go back they make a bunch of excuses not to be taught and it's a big waste of time for us. I'm praying that doesn't happen with them. 

General Conference was super amazing! I'm a bit behind the times with this but we just watched it this weekend. I have to tell you something! When I went to the mission office last Wednesday for transfers, I asked the office Elders if there was any 3.95 lb package for me and they said "nope." and let me tell you, "I was distraught! (Moaning Mirtle)" Then it was a miracle. I went to the mission home to get my new trainee, and when I got there they were all like "Elder Fawson, there's a package for you here. Like Alma, my misery was turned to joy. I was able to munch on Candy Corn and Smarties through all 10 hours of conference. It was a very special time for me. And what added to my joy is that maliit lang ang hilig ng mga Filipino sa Candy Corn [Filipinos don’t like Candy Corn very much], so I didn't have to share very much of it. Thank you so much!!!  Elder Holland's talk during the priesthood session was so much more inspiring while sucking on a candy apple sucker. haha

It was super cool. We were able to have some investigators and less-actives make it to conference too. President Monson is getting old. I can't wait to read all the talks again in Tagalog next month for my language study. haha General Conference rules!!!

So that about sums up my week. Hindi na buntis ako, astig ang General Conference, at malinamnam ang candy corn! [I'm not pregnant, cool the General Conference, and the tasty candy corn!]

That's super fun you were able to go to the new Provo Temple and stuff. I like all those photos you sent. I too wish I could be in two places at once, but alas. I am here and I am happy. :)

Mahal kita! Have a nice week! Ingat!!!

Elder Fawson

Lunch at the Mission home :) 

The Ostler's feed a lot of missionaries!

New missionary orientation! Rob is there to pick up his new baby!

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