Monday, October 17, 2016

BAM! You got yourself some hotsilog!

Hello everybody!!!! 

Hopefully you take the time to read this letter from me as you are probably this very second basking in the warmth of the sun and soaking up all that vitamin D while laying on the sand next to a beautiful beach. I'm not doing any of those things. Actually there was a Typhoon here yesterday. It actually only rained really hard from about 10:00 to 11:30 yesterday morning. All the time I was freezing to death in the church attending my meetings and stuff. They make it so cold inside it's outrageous. They set the air-con to 16 degrees Celsius. Much to cold for my liking. Me thinks that everyone was expecting it to be a lot worse than it was because only 1 of our investigators came to church this week. It wasn't bad at all for us. Probably the main part of the storm was more north. Good thing too, because my umbrella is in no condition to keep me dry from a typhoon. 2 of the stick things are broken. It still works okay if it's not raining too hard. :) I just really am dreading to get a new one because I haven't been able to find another umbrella that is this shade of green. hahaha 

Elder Belayro and I have been working really hard this week and have really seen the effects of our labors. Last week alone we were able to find 14 new investigators. It definitely helps to be so tall that everyone starts the conversation for me. I made a plan for me to OYM everyone that makes any comment about my height, but after about 6 minutes I realized that it was impossible. We would be spending all our time OYMing and have hardly any lessons. hahaha It's quite the handy thing to be a 6' 8" red-headed missionary in the Philippines. :) I've satisfied the pleas of more than a few little children to dunk a basketball. Then I give them a pamphlet of the Restoration. haha I'm finally figuring this missionary thing out. :)

You should remind Jon that it's bawal for him to visit me here. He wasn't really digging to China at the beach. He was digging to the Philippines so he could deliver those bars of gold in person. :) Also tell him I don't only make minute rice in 59 seconds, but I also can make regular rice like as fast as he can make minute rice. :)

Our investigator that hasn't had alcohol in an entire month broke his streak last Monday when we went to visit him. The next day we taught him about the atonement and how he can still repent and be okay, but then on Friday and yesterday again he was super drunk. It's really sad. All I want is for him to get baptized. He is super guilty about it and we gave him a blessing to help him, so that'll help, but he needs to have faith too. He's really nice though kapag hindi siya lasing [when he was not drunk]!

Me and Elder Belayro are getting along really well. He's getting a lot better at everything. At first he was really nervous to speak in lessons and especially to OYM, but he's rocking now. His Tagalog is even better than mine. Then again, he is a Filipino. :) 

So yeah. That about sums up my week. Lots of OYMs, rain, and rice for every breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you want to try a tasty Filipino dish I'll tell you how to make it in only 4 simple steps. 1: Cook some rice. 2: fry an egg. 3: Put a hot dog in the microwave. 4: put the rice, egg and hot dog all on the same plate. BAM! You got yourself some hotsilog! It's super tasty with some ketchup. :)

Hotsilog image from Google... It's a really a thing!

I hope you enjoy your hotsilog as much as I do! haha Mahal kita! have a great week!

Elder Fawson

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