Monday, September 26, 2016

phlegm globs and sharing the gospel...not at the same time!

Helo everybody!

This week has been full of nose sniffling, phlegm globs and sharing the gospel. Don't worry though! I try not to do the last 2 of those things at the same time. hahahaha "I'd like to share a message with you about (chgraaaughoutch ptew!) the restoration of the gospel." hahaha Don't worry anymore though. I kicked that snuffy-nose out of my face so hard, his ancestors could feel it! I didn't literally kick it because I'm not nearly flexible enough to effectively kick myself in my own face, but it did finally leave after an excessive amount of hacking and gargling and stuff. My stuffy-nose is no more. :)

Speaking of Sunday, remember that one time when I said I'd never spoken in church on my mission. I've been dodging bullet after bullet, but yesterday I finally got hit, and it was a fatal blow. I was the concluding speaker yesterday and had to speak, no was privileged to speak the very longest. It was super nerve racking!!! I'm not very good at giving talks in English. Let alone Tagalog! It actually went fine though. I talked about home teaching and visiting teaching. I felt prompted that that would be a good topic and I guess it's a good thing too, because later on yesterday I learned that our ward is super terrible with home teaching. Hopefully something I said can help the people here to see how important it is! Listen carefully to President Monson this upcoming general conference, because I think he'll be declaring my talk as "Doctrine and Covenants, Section 139". haha Or maybe "Official Declaration 3."

That's too bad Brother Burdette died. I always liked shaking his hand every Sunday before Sacrament meeting. Maybe because he magnified his calling so well as ward greeter, he will be the official greeter of everyone who goes to Spirit Paradise. That would be cool! I wonder if they have Sunday meeting and stuff over there in the Spirit world. I guess I'll have to go James 1:5 on that one. 

I'm sorry to hear about Mylo's eye. I met an old lady the other night walking a dog that looked just like Mylo, except not nearly as handsome, and I started talking to her about her dog. After a minute or so I introduced myself as a missionary and she all of a sudden had somewhere very important to be. haha People are so ridiculous. They'll talk all day with you about their dog, or if Lebron James is really 6'8", but once you bring up the gospel, their language turns from Tagalog, to "ayaw"kano. haha (There is a language in the Philippines called Ilokano, so if someone rejects us we make fun and say they are fluent in "ayaw"kano. Ayaw means "don't want/like". It's really funny if you get it.)

Anywho, I didn't get translated during my last district meeting like I hoped, but maybe this Tuesday. :) haha It's been a really awesome week! 

Grabe! Sayang ang balbas mo Sam. Pero, guwapo pa rin!!! Almost as good lookin' as I'll be when I'm allowed to grow a sweet beard. haha

Mahal ko kayo!!! I hope all y'all have a super awesome week this week! bye.

Elder Fawson

Eating at the September zone conference feast!

Rob receiving his birthday treat

all the September birthday boys and girls in the zone :)

I love how Robert's hair is like a flaming beacon in this picture!

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