Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My birthday was awesome!

Helo sa lahat! at sa lahat, magandang araw!
[Hello Everyone! And in all, a good day!]

I know your all just dying to know, so I'll curb your curiosity now. My birthday was awesome! We ordered some pizza and had a mini kabahay-party during our lunch time which was really tasty! I haven't had Papa Johns for quite some time! The baptism was also a success, so that was also a good addition to the happy-day atmosphere! I was able to interview sister Hanna last week and she is so awesome. Elder Guzman (I always think Goose Man when I say his name. haha) was the one to baptize her. As we were leaving the bahay to go there we was grabbing an extra pair of garments and I told him about how after my baptisms on Palawan I didn't have to change my garments because the water level was below my knees. haha He laughed at me. hahaha

One thing that was not super fortunate about my birthday is when we went to visit one of our investigators. He had been trying to quit smoking and drinking, and has been doing pretty good for a couple weeks, but he was drunk when we got there. it was a super bummer! His whole family are members except him, and his wife was so sad that he had given in to temptation. We gave him a print-out of the churches Addiction-recovery program and hopefully that works out for him. I really hope that he can take advantage of the resources of the church and accept our help to overcome his addiction. It's sad because he has a strong desire to change, but it's so hard for him. He's awesome though!

Tara! mag-party tayo! (come on! Let's party!)

On a happier note, pizza isn't the only thing I was able to eat that I've been deprived of for a long time. I had the wonderful opportunity to go to SUBWAY last Thursday after our zone conference. It was super awesome. As I walked into the establishment a tsunami of joy and contentment crashed onto the beach of my heart. It was amazing. As I took my first bite of SUBWAY in almost 11 months, I said to Elder Guzman, "Ito ang lasa ng Celestial Kingdom!" It wasn't quite as good as Amerikanong SUBWAY, but it was still way satisfying. I guess that's the difference between being single in the celestial kingdom and being there sealed to your family. Filipino SUBWAY is still SUBWAY just as the celestial kingdom is still the celestial kingdom, but having your family with you makes it just that much better. I guess that makes Jimmy-Johns like the terrestrial kingdom. hahaha SUBWAY!!!

So yeah. It's been a super great week, and quite the grand birthday!!! Thanks for all your wishes and prayers. Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Fawson

P.S. I still haven't gotten my package, so hopefully it comes before general conference. I don't know if I can go through another 10 hours of inspired talks by the wonderful leaders of our church and not nibble on some candy corn at the same time. hahaha Mahal ko kayo ulit!

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