Monday, May 9, 2016

Robert speaks English with a Tagalog accent now :)

The 30 second video clip above is of Robert speaking in Tagalog It was so fun to hear his voice on Mother's day!

This second clip is 30 seconds of Rob talking about food and you can hear his hilarious new accent. We pretty much laughed at him for an hour last night :) 

Life is going good in Palawan!!! It was super great to get to talk to you guys today! Elder Ordesta was all like "Man, you haawesome family!" 'cause he heard all the fun things we talked about. he was all like "my family is always really serious to me." haha

I'm not allowed to proselyte today because it is election day and things are apparently getting a bit rowdy in some places so we are just to stay in our apartment and not get shot or beat-up or anything. haha

We have some good news! We'll be having a baptism on the 21st!!! Her name is Hannalyn. She is super awesome and sobrang excited!! She was found by the missionaries before us and we just continued her teaching and stuff. That's probably the most happy news I have for you. Nothing gets better than accomplishing your purpose here. Life is great!!!

A couple of other exciting things happened this week. First is that I got attacked by a goat. Not really attacked. it was more like when Mylo gets really excited and just wants to lick up your nose. More like that, but it was a goat. haha Actually he was just rubbing his head all over my back. It was really funny. hahaha Second, is that a couple days ago, we were super punted and so we decided to go to a less active member’s home that lives sort of far away. When we got there, it turned out that it was his Birthday. he was really happy to see us and even fed us some rice and pancit. it was great!!!

That about sums up my week this week. I'm in a hurry so I can get home to my house and not get beat-up by the crazy voters. :)

Mahal ko kayo!!!

Elder Fawson

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