Tuesday, May 17, 2016

semi-self-conscious about his overgrown cuticles ;)

Hello everybody. I'm just still livin' the missionary life in Aborlan. No crazy transfers this week to throw all ya’ll off your rockers. :)

It was really fun to talk to you last week!!! That's funny you thought I would have Skype on my phone. I guess you would only assume that we had super high tech equipment like that, but unfortunately our phone doesn't have Skype... or even a touch screen... or even a camera... or anything else like that. It looks like your really old phone that was red that you had way back like 10 years ago that I liked to play snake on, except it's black, and doesn't have any games on it to play. All it can do is call and text. Actually it can do more than that. It has an alarm clock too. hahaha :) 

That's cool that Jon is doing his part in the missionary world. It is sooo nice to have good members like that. I never realized how important it was until now. We are having trouble getting members to work with us. It's a trial, but we'll figure it out. 

Several sweet things happened last week and at least one super sweet thing will happen this week.Our investigators, the Barony family are going to get married soon so that they can get baptized, so that will be happening within the next couple weeks. They are progressing really well and are pretty sure candidates for baptism. Also The baptism that I said would probably happen this week is happening for realsies and will be on Saturday. WOOT WOOT!!!!

 I had a couple crazy dreams that were really fun. One of them was that I had to come home for a couple days from my mission to go to honors Orchestra, so that was really fun to see Hurricane again. Everything was just like I imagined it would be... because I was imagining it in my dream. Elder Ordesta had to come with me so he got to see my home town so that was cool. Brains are cool how they can just be so clear in their memories while you dream. I also had a dream that I was a dinosaur eating a bunch of pirañas. I would catch them in a big mason jar, then grab their tails and drop them in my mouth. It was super fun. I wonder if pirañas are actually very tasty. They were in my dream. haha :)

The other day I was sitting in sacrament meeting and an old lolo (grandfather) interrupted me during the opening hymn and sign languaged for me to push back my cuticles on my finger nails. haha it was funny and I've been semi-self-conscious about it ever since. haha

Last thing. I was walking along the road when a trike drove passed and the passenger inside looked just like Qui-Gon Jinn from Star Wars. It was quite shocking. haha that's all.

So yeah. All is going well on this hemisphere. I'm glad you are all doing okay. Mahal ko kayo!!!

Elder Fawson

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