Monday, May 2, 2016

Eating fish heads while awake and playing the viola in his dreams

My week has been really awesome! Lots of fun and new things are happening!

Wanna know why there are more spines that heads? I'll tell ya why. 'Cause I ate the heads. Cool huh? hahaha True story!
Yesterday I made history. We had 9 investigators at church. WOWZERS!!! I haven't had that many my entire mission so far. Pretty good work eh? Yeah. The Holy Ghost is a really good convincer! I'll put a fun photo of the ****** family attached to this e-mail. We just taught them about the word of wisdom last Saturday.We were just like, "susundin ba ninyo ang word of wisdom?" (will you follow the word of wisdom?) and they were just like, "Opo. Bakit hindi?" (Yeah. Why not?) Now they don't drink coffee anymore. they switched to Milo. Pretty much they are just the best!!! haha

Elder Ordesta, Fabulous Investigators and Elder Fawson

Another fun thing that happened is that we started teaching an English class, and naturally, me being the only native english speaker here (other than Elder Clark, but he's got an Australian accent that no one understands. haha) I am the head teacher. You could start calling me Elder Professor Fawson if you want. We teach every Saturday at 4:00 pm, so if you're free, and want to take the trip half-way around the world to watch me teach English, feel free. :) I'll attach a photo of me in action. haha. It's sort of fun! I've noticed that since the class started, my Tagalog has gotten a lot better. I guess that as I am giving this service and teaching these people English, the Lord is giving me more blessings of the gift of tongues. That's how it works though. When we serve, we get blessed. 

Elder Professor Fawson

That is a really good insight about the goal thing. Pretty much everything we do as missionaries is to accomplish our goals. When we are walking down the street, we are watching out for people we can strike a conversation with and OYM 'em. We have teaching goals, health goals, all sorts of goals. I maybe should take them more seriously and do my 100% best effort to reach them. Otherwise it's sort of pointless to set in the first place. 

Rob and his awesome house mates waiting for an interview!

Our interviews went pretty great. We got to update President Ostler about our area face-to-face which is much better than e-mail, and afterwards, we went to McDonalds, and I was able to get a Happy Meal with an Ice King toy from Adventure Time. It was super fun. Now the Ice King watches me as I study the gospel every morning. He gives me moral support to keep going with his intense, non-blinking eyes. 
I had a dream that I was on the school bus going to honors orchestra again with all my orchestra friends. You can tell that to Grandpa and reassure him that I haven't lost my desire to play. I still viola it up while I sleep. haha Don't worry about me.

Yup. Fun stuff, missions. I've had a great week!!!!! All is pretty alright in Zion! haha

Elder Fawson

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