Monday, January 9, 2017

"we teach a lot of lessons sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce"

Hello everyone!!!

I want to start my letter today with a super sweet miracle that happened last week.

We just found a new family here in my new area. I'm back in Makati East zone, but in Bonifacio 6 ward now. This family is super cool! We were looking for a part-member family, and knocked on the door of the address given to us, and this guy answered the door. It wasn't the family we looking for, so we introduced ourselves as missionaries and started to OYM him. He said he was already baptized lots and lots of years ago at chapel in Buendia, but went less-active. When he was talking to us at his front door he said he wants us to teach his wife and kid. To make a long story short, we taught them Saturday night, gave them baptismal dates, they all came to church yesterday morning and will be baptized next month. It's super exciting!!!! I was so nervous about fresh starting this area because we might not have lots of people to teach, but we have been super blessed already to have lots of investigators prepared to be taught. 

Aside from that family, there are 2 other girls who have been going to church with their neighbor for the last 2 months, but haven't been taught by the missionaries yet. We taught them about the restoration, gave them Book of Mormons and they'll be baptized next month too. :)

This area is a lot like my first area. There's not a whole lot of rich houses, and we teach a lot of lessons sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce on the ground. It's fine though, except that my socks are starting to get holes in the ankles. :) You can't tell though, because when I stand up my pants cover up the holes. haha The members are super nice here though, and hardly a lesson goes by where we aren't given AT LEAST a snack. haha It's way fun here. My companion is super fun too. He's been sort of sick the last couple of days with a small fever, but he takes it like a carabao and just keeps on working. :)

Elder Fawson and Elder Carel working hard like carabao!
You know how I see famous movie stars walking around sometimes? Well this week I saw the coolest one ever! It wasn't Ash Kechum, but you, Mom. I was just walking up a hill, and you rode around the corner on the back of a motorcycle with some strange Filipino I've never met. You had your glasses on, and I'd recognize those teeth of yours even halfway around the world. :) You sly mom! Trying to get a sneak peek at me. hahaha Thought I wouldn't notice, eh? Don't worry. I won't tell President Ostler, just don't do it again. :) hahahaha I really was sort of confused for about .58 seconds though.

It seems like the rainy season is coming to a close here, which is good, because me and my umbrella just about couldn't take any more. Actually just me. My umbrella has already gone the way of all the earth. :) Maybe I should think about buying a new one. 

I had a cool dream the other night that would make Jon really proud. I was on my way home from my mission, and was at an airport waiting to aboard a connecting flight when I wandered into an airport shop. This was a shop selling a bunch of Magic the Gathering cards though. I started talking to the cashier lady and she offered me a job on the spot. I accepted and was told to start work next week. I was really happy to not even be home yet and have a job all lined up. haha Cool dream, huh? Maybe that's the direction I'm destined to go. Into the Magic business. of Robert in 2018 fulfilling his Magic destiny...NOT! :)
That's about all the exciting stuff I have time to tell you about today. Stay tuned for next week of, The Adventures of Elders Fawson and Carel! (and friends) :)

Elder Fawson

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