Sunday, January 15, 2017

I had my first kiss a couple of days ago.

Helo sa inyong lahat!!! Magandang tanghali! baka gabi pa sa inyo, pero sa kaming lahat dito sa Pilipinas, Tanghali na. hahaha 
[Hello to you all !!! Good afternoon! maybe night to you, but to all of us here in the Philippines, noon.]

It's so reassuring to know that I really do have some Native american blood in me. I convinced brother Carl Sean, my recent convert just before I left my last area, that I was native american. Now I can stop living my life in guilt for deceiving him, because it was true. haha 

That's super awesome that you've been doing so much family history lately. I am proud of you! Pocahontas is proud too. :) You're lucky to be able to go to the temple so often. I haven't been inside for almost a year now. Hopefully next month "the evil time will be over and done (Beaver, from Narnia)." 
I know that doesn't really rhyme, but I'm just excited to see that super magandang [good] chandelier again! 

This week was really cool. I told you about the Mina family last week, who we found and they were a part member family and they came to church and will be baptized next month. Well before they get baptized they have to get married, so you can write on your calendar that's probably still hanging on the wall to the right of the fridge, "Wedding of Aldyn and Jam" on Feb. 10th. WAHOO!!!

Also we have a baptism this Saturday of brother Baste. He is 9. He was so happy last Saturday. We walked to the church with him for his interview and the whole was chanting, "IN-TER-VIEW! IN-TER-VIEW!" It was really funny. Then after his interview he ran up to us jumping for joy, through his fists into the air like Hiro Nakamora, and said, "Yata!" Joke lang. He said, "Naka-pass ako!!!" [I already pass!!!] It was super awesome! I should get my camera back from the camera fixer-upper today, so I'll be able to take some photos of his baptism for you so you can know what his face looks like. :)

I had my first kiss a couple days ago. I never imagined my streak would end during my mission, but thus it is. She wasn't even maganda [beautiful] :( hahahaha I was walking through the palenke [marketplace] and there was this old lady sitting on a little table looking sort of lonely, so we walked over and started talking to her. She had really crooked teeth and said she had come from her province to live in metro-manila lots of years ago. She shook my hand like 3 times during our conversation. She would just hold her hand out to me and offer to shake in the middle of my sentence. I'm sure she was at least a little crazy, but as we finished our OYM, she wanted to shake my hand one more time before we left, but little did I know she had something else up her sleeve. as she took my hand, she brought it to her mouth and gave a big old smack. I was super shocked, and my companion just said, "Sige po nanay. Ingat po." [Goodbye mother, Be safe.] and we walked away. It was really surprising. I would say, that's the most outrageous thing that happened this week. haha

So yeah. That's what I've been up to. Just preparing people for the kingdom of heaven. 

Mahal ko kayo!!! [I love you all!!!]

Elder Fawson

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